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Thread: Artsy fragrance

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    Default Artsy fragrance

    You are about to host and appear at your very first art exhibit (casual venue). Which fragrance would you choose to wear?
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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    Comme des Garçons EdP
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."
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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    What timing!!!

    I just went to a friend's gallery for an art show,

    The paintings were crap...but my friend owns the gallery.

    Also i was way overdressed- Armani 80's vintage coke dealer's jacket (hoo-ha), CK patched jeans and Camper Pelotas...Meanwhile everyone else was mostly over 50 and it was a disheartening melee of pastels

    anyway I was considering CdG 2 Edp but went with Synthetic Series 6 Skai- the most artsy fragrance I have!!! * * a total success.

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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    This calls for a daring fragrance such as Yatagan by Caron.
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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    Something interesting yet subtle

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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    I'm not sure which one i would pick,but here are my top choices.

    1) something by CdG - probably CdG 2 EDP
    2) another vote for L'Anarchiste
    3) SMN - Nostalgia

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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    When an artist, wear an artist: Salvador Dali (Laguna Homme would be my choice although the eponymous one would be good too). Of course, there is that Andy Warhol fragrance too...
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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    Anything by Christopher "I Hate Perfume" Brosius should be artsy fartsy enough.

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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    Le 3e homme de Caron! (third man)

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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    L'Artisan Parfumeur's Santal for me. I might wear some CdG if I were going to someone else's opening, but if it were my opening I would wear something very very friendly and comforting, thus the Santal. I'd try to be approachable, and let the art do the artsy talking. With a calm, soothing, and very rare beauty like Santal I'm sure I'd make everyone take me for a friend who's success they'd want to see happen and play a role in bringing about.
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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    Casual you say? What about...

    Dinner (2002)


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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    l'ARTisan DZing!

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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    I second the CdG suggestions, especially CdG 2 Man, Odeur 71 or Kyoto. Another good choice would be Czech&Speake 88.

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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male

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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    Casual, eh? Well, I'm a musician, so what do I know? My pick is Hanae Mori. [smiley=smiley.gif]
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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    I think any of the D'Orsay fragrances would fit in nicely with the art scene.


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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance


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    Why not wear a work of (olfactory) art?

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    André Putnam Preparation Parfumeé. Haven't smelled it, but artsy people all over the world crap their pants talking about Putnam.

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    Dinner by Bobo.

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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    It depends on the art.

    If you want the "shock of the new..." why not try Odeur 71 or 53?


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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance


    DK Men 'Fuel'

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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    Great suggestions! Thanks
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    Default Re: Artsy fragrance

    None - let the work sell itself (although a deoderant is important - CDG 2 Man is a personal favorite and will be worn to my own opening this weekend). Low-key IS the key. Have fun, good luck, and congrats.

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