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    Default Discovered, many LANVIN CLASSICS !!!

    Hi everyone,
    Today was one of the best days ever for me. At the flea market a man had bought the contents of an old
    perfumery. As I rummaged through the various stuff I found to my amazement loads of long lost Lanvin classics !!! Not only that, a lot of the stuff was in sealed boxes, totally protected from light. And to top it all, I found many of these classics in extrait form, (pure perfume).
    Among these long lost classics I found: Scandal 1931, Rumeur 1934, My Sin 1925, Crescendo 1939,
    Eau de Lanvin 1933.
    Also some of the later, but nevertheless long discontinued classics such as the original Vetyver 1964, (incredibly Green !) Monsieur Lanvin 1964, Lanvin for men 1979.
    I also found Lanvin Eau de Cologne which I can´t find listed anywhere.

    They all smell absolutely gorgeous with real essential oils and precious woods. Very smooth, disinctive and sophisticated. The bottles too, are a work of art. Some are 220 ml and they have bakolite caps.

    I also found unusual gems from D´Orsay: An incredible eau de cologne, another called Eau Fringante,
    My Lord and Trophee.

    If anyone is interested I would be able to do decants, and maybe to part with some of it.

    " Only wimps swim with the current "

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    Default Re: Discovered, many LANVIN CLASSICS !!!

    That's an amazing stoty David. In the perfume world, it's somewhat akin to discovering the proverbial Old Wold Master underneath the velvet Elvis!

    You have to share your impressions of these scents with us. I recently acquired a bottle of Lancome's Balfrae Brun. I like it a lot but it still ended up on my swaplist.

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    Default Re: Discovered, many LANVIN CLASSICS !!!

    That's amazing!

    Apparently, the original Vetyver was discontinued and replaced because it wasn't 'contemporary' enough. Would love to smell this one, even if it's just once. David, please save a drop for my next Berlin visit!

    The octagonal men's bottles with their solid bakelite caps are a sensation all by themselves:
    Lovesick the wind that carries it

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    Default Re: Discovered, many LANVIN CLASSICS !!!

    WOW! That is wonderful, David - you must be giddy with excitement! I never find things like that where I live. Enjoy them my friend, and I expect FULL reports on them in the near future!

    And those are great pictures, Pieter, thanks for the link!


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    Default Re: Discovered, many LANVIN CLASSICS !!!

    WOW, DAVID!!!
    It`d be great if you allow me to try and have a decant of original Vetiver by Lanvin!!!
    I`m fan of vetiver - and will love to have one of the very first vetiver perfumes.
    Drop me an IM - to discuss a conditions of it.
    I can swap or buy it. I think 5-10 ml would be fine!!!

    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Discovered, many LANVIN CLASSICS !!!

    Wow! Look forward to further feedback. You must have been like a small boy in a sweetshop, David!

    Great pics. How elegant the world was then.....


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    Default Re: Discovered, many LANVIN CLASSICS !!!

    You've got a slice of fragrance history there!

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    Default Re: Discovered, many LANVIN CLASSICS !!!

    Vow! Wouldn't these be collectors items? And would decanting in this case not be like ripping pages out of the family bible?

    The only old bottle I have been keeping is 1/3 of the 125 ml, octogonal Monsieur Lanvin, originating from the seventies, I believe. No spray, and the cologne is more like Monsieur Oxidé - a mere shadow of its former self. I am happy for you that your acquisitions kept so well. Whatever you paid, I imagine these known brands to be quite valuable. Why don't you try to find out via Ebay France between September and Xmas?
    'Il mondo dei profumi è un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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    Default Re: Discovered, many LANVIN CLASSICS !!!

    Thanks to everyone, especially Pieter with those fantastic archive pictures !!!
    My bottles are not the square type. They are all like the` Eau de Lanvin´ pictures 1, 2, 3,

    Narcus, I know what you mean, and it would be sacrilege to disurb these old flacons. However, I did get all of the fragrances also in the more modern style atomizers, ( most of the Lanvin classics managed to survive until the 70`s/80`s ) so I will do any decanting from these.
    I have tested some of the perfumes in the older flacons and they really do seem to smell fresh. Definately not gone off.
    Re. the value of the old flacons/perfumes.There really doesn´t seem to be a great market for them.
    I was really shocked by this !!! When you consider that ex Joop perfumes fetch 150 dollars on e-bay, and the
    prices people pay for these miniatures, (whole catalogues on them !!) It just doesn´t make sense. I was hoping to get some of them auctioned at a professional house, but nobody is in the least bit interested.
    At least basenoters apreciate such gems ! Thankyou.
    " Only wimps swim with the current "

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    Default Re: Discovered, many LANVIN CLASSICS !!!

    David, I am so sorry having mentioned my dismay about an old Lanvin EdT of mine. That bottle has had too much daylight exposure, I am afraid. I did mention another possible cause: it is near to empty and air has had free access to it for too many years. Not for a moment did it occur to me, someone might understand my post as a general warning. The treasure you found contains nothing but new bottles and that is a completely different matter!

    Either from Luca Turin's own articles, or from reading 'The Emperor of Scent' I have learnt that perfumes can last forever. LT himself seems to have been hunting for old perfumes (1920 - 40) in France and US. Never is a word of regret or disappointment mentioned concerning his purchases. They seem to have been a success always. (It may take a little time to dig for the source but I could try, if you want me too).

    Unbelievable there shouldn't be a market for your bottles. There are a couple of expert members in France. Maybe they can give you a hint. I am suggesting this because I know from experience that Murano Glass yields best prices in Italy, and China from Meissen has the most collectors where - in Germany, the country of origin.

    Hope you let us know once you are ready to sell some gooddies here.

    'Il mondo dei profumi è un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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