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    Default Serge Lutens Testing His Exclusive Line

    I just started to test Serge Lutens fragrances from his exclusive line, and would like to share some of my thoughts and opinions, and ask a couple of questions.

    Chergui begins flowery and sweet with iris, honey, and leather. As the fragrance develops, the sweetness subsides a bit and some incense notes appear. The ambery-vanillic drydown smells quite nice to me, and I am looking forward to a full wearing test.

    Le Myrrhe initiates mostly jasmine on me for about 20 minutes, then the mandarin appears, and it is like, Oh yeeaahh. And this fragrance smells light and clean. I am enjoying this fragrance very much. Full wearing in the future.

    Iris Silver Mist I chose this fragrance next just because I like the name. This smells like I opened a cedar chest from the top notes to the bottom, with no other notes in between. Is this scent as singular as I described ??? I dont know if I love its simplicity or hate its lack of complexity. The jury is out on this one.

    Mysore de Sandalwood after testing Santal Blanc a few weeks ago, I wanted to compare these two fragrances. Starts with sandalwood and a heavy dose of cumin and other Middle Eastern spices. It may be well made, but I just dont care for the high dose of cumin. However, I would like to try Santal Blanc again since it has cinnamon and fenugreek notes. Probably no second wearing of the Smellsore, IMO, soon for me.

    Now onto the Boises - I love the boises, at least the 3 that I tested recently. Also, I am looking forward to the new Miel de Bois to be included to the export line. For those of you who are Serge Lutens Boises lovers, what do to like of them individually or as a whole?

    Bois de Violette This fragrance was Wow at First Sniff. Nice flowery unisex fragrance with an enjoyable base of cedarwood, combined with an appropriate amount of sweentness IMO. Full Wear in the Future.

    Bois de Fruit real nice fruit, with similarities to some bubble gum flavors, and less calories. Wood base nicely complements the fruit. Full wear in the future? Absolutely.

    Regards to all Basenoters,

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens Testing His Exclusive Line

    Many thanks for v. nice review, Scentual :-) But I am afraid I know none of your reviewed:-)

    Want to see more:-) CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens Testing His Exclusive Line

    What does "exclusive" mean? Only available overseas?

    I own several Lutens but not one these.

    Are they orderable from the USA?

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens Testing His Exclusive Line

    No you can't order them from the US on any websites that I know of except on ebay you can find them sometimes for around $190. I've only tried a few of these from samples. I know a few people in the US get these imported but they end up costing about $170 a 2.5 oz bottle. For those of you who own these do you think its worth it?

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens Testing His Exclusive Line

    I have been buying samples for $2.50 and 1/6 oz decants for $18.99 from lisalaw on eBay. Lisa is very responsive and the decants come in stylish silver bullets. SL is very potent EDP and I only need a couple of sprays, which lasts all day long. When you find the fragrances in his line that you like, then it really IS worth!


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    Default Re: Serge Lutens Testing His Exclusive Line

    Serge Lutens' four "Bois" perfumes, Bois et Musc, Bois de Violette, Bois Oriental and Bois et Fruits were launched together with Shiseido's Feminit du Bois and are focusing on four aspects of this perfume.

    All share the pronounced atlas cedar heart, but concentrates on Feminit du Bois' soft musky, green/violet, spicy/balsamic and plum/fig/peach notes respectively.

    My favourites are Bois de Violette and Bois et Musc. The former for the leafy green violet notes, the latter for the skin-like musk notes.

    Iris Silver Mist does start off very dry, but to me it's actually the woody dryness of actual orris root. It is powdery and velvety violet-like with a dry warmth radiating through it all. I really like it a lot.

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens Testing His Exclusive Line


    Thanks for your reply regarding the commonality of the 4 "Bois" fragraces.

    Also, I will add Iris Silver Mist to my "full wear testing" list.


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    Default Re: Serge Lutens Testing His Exclusive Line

    Sorry for coming up with this old topic... just joined the 'community' and browsing through all past topics... I'm VERY fond of Serge Lutens.

    From the "Bois" collection, I adore "Bois Oriental". It ends on a succulent oriental note (read vanilla) but it's never too sweet nor feminine. The start notes and the heart are magnificent and I understand why Shiseido agreed on opening such a beautifule store in the heart of Paris for those 4 "Bois" fragrances.

    "Bois et musc" ends pretty much like "Clair de musc" (another SL fragrance, available in the export line): a clean musc note, but the head/heart is still the magnificent woody/sweet scent that characterizes those four.

    "Bois et fruits" is ideal for the summer: woody and dried/yellow apricots/fruits in the end. It is sweet and woody, beautiful.

    "Bois de violette" is the most different, the violette note comes up rather early and remains strong on the skin.

    There is also talk of "La Myhrre". It is a magnificient but hard to wear scent. It is oriental, very strong, liquorish, red... but it is dry ! No vanilla or amber. It smells like an old stone in the desert at the end of a very warm day... it exhales a mineral, hot and oriental smell. And yes there is a mandarine note that comes through and also a lot of bitter almond. But beware for your clothes: this will leave stains on anything !!!

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