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    Default Need Help Picking A Summer Scent!

    I can only buy one new scent for the summer (and a miami summer no less) and I need something that's perfect for an extremely causual (sometimes shorts) environment...anyway, I have it narrowed down to Egoiste Platinum, Issey, and D&G Masculine, but am not sure which would be the best...anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Re: Need Help Picking A Summer Scent!

    Of this short list, I'd go with D & G. It's got more spirit than the others.
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    Default Re: Need Help Picking A Summer Scent!

    Hmmm.... of your list, I'd go with Issey (provided you've tried it). Issey is the only one of these three that I'm sort of iffy about; half of the time I like it, half of the time it makes me nauceous. D & M Masculine is not a bad scent, but I found it overly synthtic, and ultimately pretty boring. I believe Paul G. made the comments in his review that D & G seems to lack something that ties it all together and makes it work; I definitely agree! Finally, Platinum Egoiste just doesn't strike me as a summer scent. It is too woody and sharp. In addition, this is a scent that people either love or hate (I went through two bottles, but have now given up on it since I cannot wear it anymore without getting a splitting headache), so be prepared for negative reactions.

    So all in all, I'd say Issey, though I'd also recommend checking out other citrus-type scents before making your final decision.

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    Default Re: Need Help Picking A Summer Scent!

    great, thank you both very much - i really appreciate it! do you have any other recommendations for something similar to issey then?

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    Default Re: Need Help Picking A Summer Scent!

    First of all are you buying on the net or buying at a department store???? If you are buying on the net then I would sample at the big stores and then purchase a couple of testers from the e-tailers. Make sure to sample first, though. Now to my suggestions/recommendations which are only my opinions.

    Issey Miyake--- I have this one and think it's OK but I would hate for it to be my only summer scent
    D&G Masculine---I sampled this one last year and it did nothing for me personally (like the others said it is missing something)
    Egoiste Platinum---This one smells good but it's far from the best summer scent out there--too fancy for everyday use in a casual environment

    Some for you to try:
    *Polo Blue---really, really good and not as common as you would think--at least not in my area
    *212 Men---exceptionally good and well rounded scent that has several different notes that are balanced
    *Claiborne Sport---really inexpensive and really good and I never get tired of this one or the compliments it ALWAYS receives
    *Marc Jacobs---some say it has a coconut note while others say its a fig note that dominates but either way this one is good and perfect for a summer/casual environment
    *Lanvin L'homme---one of the best summer scents that never goes out of style and it lasts long after you think it's disappeared
    *Very Sexy 2---slowly becoming my favorite scent because it is versatile, subtle, and yes Sexy

    Have fun deciding and good luck with your decision!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Need Help Picking A Summer Scent!

    Of the three listed, I'd be in favor of the Issey (original, right?). However, I agree with Cookesoul on the Lanvin L'Homme!! I wore it today and it was like 90F outside and even at 5:30 PM, the cab of my truck was like a sauna after being parked for only a few hours!! The Lanvin was a "no-brainer" for this type of situation. And because my seemingly otherworldly skin can make top notes of a fragrance last for hours (don't ask...I can't give a reason! [smiley=grin.gif]), this pale purple elixir is the fastest route to citrus-lavender coolness I have ever taken!! [smiley=smiley.gif]
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    Default Re: Need Help Picking A Summer Scent!

    Sorry, but I'm going to dissent against your choices and recommend Live Jazz, which is the perfect summer scent, IMHO
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    Default Re: Need Help Picking A Summer Scent!

    Bvlgari Aqva and Acqua di Gio are quite similar to L'eau D'issey

    You might also want to try these:
    L'eau par Kenzo pour Homme
    Kenzo pour Homme
    Bvlgari pour Homme Extreme
    Bvlgari Eau de Parfumee Au The Vert
    Mugler Cologne(a MUST-TRY)
    Azzaro Chrome
    Lanvin L'Homme(might get a wee bit cloying in the heat sometimes)

    The ones I'm going to tryout:
    Eau Sauvage
    Monsieur de Givenchy

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    Default Re: Need Help Picking A Summer Scent!

    I second the Mugler Cologne. *This is on my "to buy once I get my credit card balance down a bit" list . *Also, I recently purchased the Azzaro Chrome & I LOVE IT so far. And, if you're into heavy citrus, I always recommend Clinique Happy.
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    Default Re: Need Help Picking A Summer Scent!

    Eau de Rochas pour Homme and Acqua di Portofino.

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