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    Default Favorite House Revisited

    I know this exercise has been done countless times but I donít think itís been done since weíve been back here this time.
    Please name your favorite Perfume House and mention a few words as to why itís your favorite.

    I will start by naming Guerlain as my #1. I donít know everything that they make but I have to say that Jicky, Mouchoir de Monsieur, Vetiver, Habit Rouge, Coriolan and Chamade Pour Homme always put a smile on my face when I wear them. Iím never disappointed when I purchase one. I always find them to be excellent and satisfying to wear and I never have any regret after spraying one on as my SOTD. I havenít tried everything from this house but Iíd sure like to.
    Heritage is at the top of my ďto buyĒ list and I understand that Derby will be re-released but only from the Paris boutique. The female scents alone would require a year of sampling to understand.
    Iíd like to thank Mark (MJH) for opening my eyes to this great house.

    My # 2 house is Patricia de Nicolai who is a Guerlain descendant.
    I just love her New York, Pour Homme, Baladin and Balle de Match and her Cologne Sologne is an incredible take on the traditional EdC. Again, I havenít sampled all of PdNís scents but I look forward to doing so.

    And yoursÖÖ..?

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    Try PdN's Vetyver. It improves upon Guerlain's IMHO.

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    My Favorite House is unquestionably Hermes. I currently own 7 of their frags (Bel Ami, Equipage, Hiris, EdOV, Rocabar, Eau dH, and Un Jardin-Mediterranee), and am surprised time and time again by the quality of the each of the individual scents this house has produced over the years. While there are certainly other brands I like (MPG, LV, Guerlain, and Gucci come to mind), no other brand I know has produced this many fragrances that are totally distinct from each other, and yet equally pleasant to wear.

    In addition, I think that the new working relationship between Hermes and JC Ellena is a clear sign of Hermes' committment to its fragrance line-up (too bad for TDC, though!), and, while I might not be able to afford the Hermessence fragrances, I think they are nevertheless a step in the right direction.Go Hermes!

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    I feel rotten answering this great question because I like so many houses and the products of my favorite house I neglect to wear.

    My favorite house has to be Diptyque. The whole line has incredible range, and half the scents are just in your face and I dare you fragrances. In the latter I count Ofresia and Oyedo. Also the house is addicted to rose, to which I am addicted. L'Ombre dans l'Eau, Opone, L'Eau and wasn't there another? for example. And talk about a dare, L'Autre!

    They're bold when they want to be, and subdued to perfection when they want to be that too. Philosykos, Olene, and Eau Lente, say. And they can kick somewhere inbetween with a pile-o-sticks woody scent, Eau Trois.

    I've read members saying Diptyque doesn't last on them, but that is a problem I can't fathom. They all have incredible, nay, hyper-incredible, staying power on me.

    Caron, Guerlain, L'Artisan, LV, Alain Delon, Creed, MPG, yaaaaaah, luv u 2, but give me Diptyque.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    My Favorite niche house is L'Artisan. Based on Voleur de Roses, Passage D'Enfer, and Mechant Loup.

    My favorite designer house is Yves Saint Laurent, based on my appreciation for the "house aesthetic". I have and love Kouros, Kouros Cologne Sport, M7, Body Kouros, Rive Gauche pour homme, Nu EDp. I also am digging a decant of Live Jazz. i just like the slightly dark offbeat nature and very European nature of its releases.

    And I have to mention Comme des Garcons as my fave hard to classify house. I have Odeur 53, Odeur 71, CdG 2 EDP, Skai, and several decants and I love the weirdness all the way!

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    Guerlain, Caron, Hermes, Lutens, Malle

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    Guerlain, Caron, Boucheron

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    Definitely L'Artisan, but...

    I'm still a faithful Creed fan, and Calvin Klein fan, but...

    ...I was surprised to see how many Dior scents I have in my collection, recently. With Hedi Slimane's creations, my Dior count has gone up to 9!

    I love CDG and Guerlain, but find I don't wear many of the scents, just admire them...

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    im kinda mixed. creed has the most by number, but i would not say favorite house. villoresi, well, i love piper and yerbamate and dilmun, but i would have to say MPG. even those that i do not like, well his scents dont miss the mark by much. and the one i love, eau des iles, well it is intoxicating. i say creed is the one i get the most compliments on, and i do love MI, but eau des iles, well, it gets me to thinking


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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    Quote Originally Posted by DustB
    I feel rotten answering this great question because I like so many houses and the products of my favorite house I neglect to wear.

    My favorite house has to be Diptyque. ......*And talk about a dare, L'Autre!

    Yes, the L'Autre would be a dare. *I've often thought of wearing it to work on days when I have unpleasant meetings to attend. *Everybody else might as well be as miserable as me. *But I've deferred. *I think everyone else attending would suspect that the B.O. smell emanating from me was due to lack of proper hygiene!

    As for favorite house, I'll have to beat the same old dead horse I have for the last couple of years:


    Probably a function of my advanced age. *It is admittedly not the most inventive of the niche houses. *For pure creative art, I'd go with L'artisan or Diptyque. *But for something a bit different, yet generally "traditional", Creed is my "hand's down" choice. *MI, SMW, Bois du Portugal, GIT, Orange Spice, *Bois de Cedrat, Erolfa, Neroli Sauvage....they all seem to find there way into my regular rotation.

    As a caveat, I'd probably switch my answer to MPG if the same question was asked in the Fall!


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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    LV, Penhaligonīs, Līartisan ...

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    Comme des GarÁons
    The original EdP is one of my soulmate scents and it's also the house I have the greatest number of scents from. Uncompromising, innovative avant-garde stuff.

    My other biggies are:
    Annick Goutal - deeply touching, emotional scents full of love
    Caron - incredibly beautiful and grand "old world" scents
    Etro - almost aromatherapeutic mood scents
    Guerlain - Jacques Guerlain's masterpieces and Jicky, too!
    L'Artisan - Impressionist mood scents
    Serge Lutens - bottled fairy tales, 1001 Nights stuff
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darŁber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    It would have to be the house of Creed but I have an unusually soft spot for Czech & Speake!
    Let your nose be your pilot

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    My preferences mirror Evogel's, both for Guerlain (esp. Jicky and secondarily Mouchoir) and de Nicolai (esp. New York, but Baladin's also pretty fine). Since Evogel seems to have tastes similar to mine, it looks like I will have to try some Coriolan.

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    Caron and Guerlain

    Niche - I love too many,i can't pick just one or two. [smiley=undecided.gif]

    "I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical...It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government." - Thomas Jefferson

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited

    L'Artisan and CDG

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    Default Re: Favorite House Revisited


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