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    Default "Gone bad" Creed question

    I received one of the rotten bottles of SMW with the overwhelming black currant note that overpowers the tea. If I ask for an exchange, what are the chances that the next bottle will have the same problem? If two bottles come from the same box, will both bottles be ruined or is it on a bottle by bottle basis?

    Some people had said the root of the problem is that they were old and stored in heat. If this is true, wouldn't both bottles be bad?

    Or is the root of the problem something else?

    Also, how many bottles of SMW do you think they've sold since I bought mine 4 weeks ago? (Chances they're from the same distributor/box) - the merchant is

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: "Gone bad" Creed question

    Ren, coincidentally i'm wearing SMW as the SOTD, I only wish I knew the answer to your question, I bought mine from fragrancealley on ebay & my bottle is bad too.

    I think the best way to avoid a bad bottle is to buy it from an official dealer, it will cost more but you are guaranteed the quality, if the website you bought it from offers a refund option, i'll advice you to take that option & not look back in anger.
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    Default Re: "Gone bad" Creed question

    My very first bottle was indeed "bad" with the overwhelming black currant note that smelled a little sour. I got rid of it. I got my new bottle from neiman marcus. It is wonderful! I paid full price but did not want to deal with the crap from cheap wholesalers. The only mass distributer I enjoy is I do not know why it is tempermental like this. Perhaps heat, concentration difference, etc can be the culprit. Good luck and let us know how it turns out for you.

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    Default Re: "Gone bad" Creed question

    Are you sure the bottle is "bad"? I mean , SMW is known for HAVING blackcurant in it. I bought 2 bottles SMW on EBay and one from an official retailer and they all smell the same.I also got several decants from a basenotemember and they smelled ok too.
    Isn't this "bad Creed bottle stories" just a ghost story and aren't we "seeing" things, or in this case "smelling" things? I mean, maybe you just don't like SMW.

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    Default Re: "Gone bad" Creed question

    Interesting post. I have a bottle of SMW, and am not really enthralled with it due to the black currant, which to me smells a little like cheap wine. I'll have to sniff some at Neiman's sometime to see if my bottle is "off."

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    Default Re: "Gone bad" Creed question

    Creed's are tempermental. Squeeze off about 6 or 8 sprays from the bottle before you make you decision. I know that seems wasteful but I think things just get a little weird in the tube if the bottle sits for a while. Granted, new fragrances should not have anything in the tube but trust me, this has helped me "get to the bottom of things" countless times. Even if you need to return it, I don't think anyone is going to know you squeezed off a few rounds to make sure all is cool.
    With many scents in my wardrobe, I find I need to do this if a scent has sat for several months withoout being used. It makes me mad but I'd never use up all that juice anyway. It's the "price I have to pay" for having lots of bottles. Interestingly, this happens exclusively with my niche scents.
    Lastly, try refrigerating your bottle. Sometimes this helps "revive" the scent a bit. Honestly. You've got nothing to loose.


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    Default Re: "Gone bad" Creed question

    I'm convinced the bottle of Erolfa I had (and traded off here) a few years back was either a grey market fragrance, or past its prime. Although it wasn't that bad smelling, it pales in comparison to every sample of it I've received since which makes me want to purchase a new bottle. The juice in the bottle itself seemed a much darker color, like a New Tabarome tint, whereas the bottle at Neiman Marcus was more akin to Neroli, if not altogether lighter.
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    Default Re: "Gone bad" Creed question

    i got a bottle of GIT from a trade and i swore that it was somehow a grey market bottle and it lacked concentration and longevity of scent. however, i also read where creed has acknowledged that some batches are different that others, given that even though they follow the same formula, they might get a different harvest of flowers from the same grower and that may alter the concentration of scent. anywho, i also am more accustomed to GIT having worn it for a couple of years, so my nose does not notice it as much i guess. ive learned to just accept that some scents for whatever reason, even the same GIT, will at times be strong and at times it will not


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