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    Default What Comme Des Garcons Incense Series ?

    Well recently i have been quite intriqued about buying and collecting the entire Comme des Garcons series 3 and was wondering what i two i should buy first.

    I ve been thinking about Kyoto and Avignon but im not sure. Also where is the cheapest online place i can purhcase these fragrances so i can start my collection.

    I have not sampled any fragrance from the Comme des Garcons series line so i am buying blind. (I live 30 mins away from NYC so, is there anywhere i can sample these fragrances?)

    I hear good things about these fragrances and i personally am intrested because i love the smell of incenses and what better way to heal my urge for smelling like this every day then buying the whole incense series.


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    Default Re: What Comme Des Garcons Incense Series ?

    I think of both Kyoto and Avignon as "cool" incense; I would mix it up with a "cool" and a "hot" if I had to choose two. The two I think of as "hot" are Jaisalmer and Ouarzatate.
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    Default Re: What Comme Des Garcons Incense Series ?

    When I was interested in these frags I got a set of samples on E-Bay from LiquidArt. I've ordered a lot of samples and 1/3oz decants from this guy and he never fails. He's at:

    You can see his set of 5 samples here:

    I like all these in the series, but my favorites are Kyoto and Avignon, with Quarzazate climbing fast to number 1.
    The consensus pick on B-notes seems to be Kyoto, and it's great, but I actually am enjoying the both Avignon(straight ahead frankincense) and Quarzazate(Black pepper and Sage) more at the moment - they are just a bit bolder and interesting. Kyoto might be a winner in the fall though.....
    Good luck.
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    Default Re: What Comme Des Garcons Incense Series ?

    Of the five, my favorites are Avignon - a dead ringer for Roman Catholic church incense and Jaisalmer - incense and warm spices, just lovely.
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    Default Re: What Comme Des Garcons Incense Series ?

    I'd go with Kyoto and Zagorsk.

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    Default Re: What Comme Des Garcons Incense Series ?

    It's all good so get all five! Go to the CdG boutique in Chelsea and sample them. Since it is a hot summer I'd start out with Jaisalmer. Then go for Kyoto for the fall. Avignon is a shocker, smells hot and dry so a good summer in the city type. Reminds me of the hot smell of old tenements about to torch the sky. Ouarzazate is the sleeper. Zagorsk is racy evergreen adventure.

    Kyoto is most popular so I started with Zagorsk instead. It almost burns when it goes on. Then the coool head takes over. Very different and has the brisk contemporary edge. Kyoto is more quaint than Zagorsk. These two seemed most distinctive initially.

    Then I got Avignon. Somehow the arid firebomb got to me. Like sitting on a centuries old church bench wearing incense saturated leather pants while a defroked priest hums and drones through an animal head. Zagorsk has the beast head too but with furry skins instead of the leather.

    Next came Jaisalmer. Wanted a cozier spice coating over the hot Avignon note and got it. Wears well in humid summers amidst flowing weedery and roaming elephant grass, sipping tea and huffing chillums.

    Finally broke down and ordered the all too subtle Ouarzazate for the even more hot tinder Avignon heresy with Parisian exotic orientalia simulation. Ouarzazate is wearable when global climatic revenge gets really torrid. They'll have to sink the snozz rignt into your skin to get any of it.

    I saved samadhi Kyoto for last. Saved the best for last. That tea house full moon teak tranquility sits alone on my wish list. Like sitting silent under the starry pagoda listening to the moon.

    Get em all!

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    Default Re: What Comme Des Garcons Incense Series ?

    Click on this link: It's a poll about series 3 - Incenses

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    Default Re: What Comme Des Garcons Incense Series ?

    Thanks everyone for there responses and i think im going to take a trip down to the Comme des Garcons store in NYC and sniff about.

    Either way im going to collect the whole series, but for right now i think i will pick up Kyoto and Avigon....

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    Default Re: What Comme Des Garcons Incense Series ?

    Kyoto is the best for me. But I have discovered Jaisalmer, with a v. nice gaiac wood note. You won't get gaiac and spices with incense that often:-) CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Default Re: What Comme Des Garcons Incense Series ?


    I just received my package from in which it included by brand new 1.7oz of Comme Des Garcons Incense series: Avignon.
    Also included in the package where four samples of other cdg products. I am so siked.

    So anyway i spritzed a bit of Avignon on my wrist and was blown away by how intense it and woodsy it was. I like it alot but it is going to have to grow on my a bit if it will get in my top 5.
    To me it smells exactly like white birch bark that when you throw in the fire it ignites and lets out a resin that gets carried in the smoke that smells like Avignon. So since i like that smell and is quite familar to me, this is a good fragrance for me.

    Thanks for everyones help and comments.

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    Default Re: What Comme Des Garcons Incense Series ?

    For a lover of pine and citrus scents, which one would enyone choose among the five?

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    Default Re: What Comme Des Garcons Incense Series ?

    Quote Originally Posted by sailim View Post
    For a lover of pine and citrus scents, which one would enyone choose among the five?
    The ones in your other thread about citrus and pine.
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