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    Default Patricia de Nicola´ fragrances

    Thanks to Setamp I was able to experience New York by PDN, a rich ambery fragrance, now one of my faves.
    I wanted to order a full bottle, and found several of her scents here:

    Has anyone else had any experience with her scents before? The ingredients and descriptions sound top notch!

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    Default Re: Patricia de Nicola´ fragrances

    New York is a very good woody oriental fragrance, and I am also fond of Baladin, a somewhat spicy leather. Overall she makes good stuff.
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    Default Re: Patricia de Nicola´ fragrances

    I like Balle de Match. It's a fresh, slightly fruity citrus with spicy accords and a light musky, woody basenote. Perfect for warmer days and quite long-lasting.

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    Default Re: Patricia de Nicola´ fragrances

    Cologne Sologne is one of the best eau de colognes and many of her other fragrances are quite wonderful as well. Here are some favorites:

    Eau d'Ete - light and sparkling with green notes of tomato leaf.
    Maharajah - like cinnamon and sandalwood incense.
    Haute Provences - ahhhhhh, relaxing, lavender, myrtle and orange!
    Vie de chateau - leather and hay
    Vanille Tonka - Frankincense, Vanilla and Tonka with hints of lime!

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    Default Re: Patricia de Nicola´ fragrances

    In addition to NY, I really like PdN Vetyver. It's a great summer blend that rivals Detaille Escrimeur for my top warm weather scent.

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    Default Re: Patricia de Nicola´ fragrances

    I bought New York , at Le Scenteurs, in London on my holiday and I love it. *I would love to buy some other ones, but I can't find a retailer in The Netherlands (where I live) that sells them. *
    Are Pour Homme and Baladin just as good as New York?

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    Default Re: Patricia de Nicola´ fragrances

    As always, thanks for the help! I'm ordering New York today, and my first Comptoir Sud Pacifique from the same site as well! Now I have to pick a CSP as well, thank god I've got the day off, this might take a well!

    Also, I'd like to say that I rub a very, very small amount of PDN on the back of my hand last night at about 9PM EST. It's now almost 9AM EST, I've washed my hands, and I can STILL smell it. This is truly a magnificent, long last scent!

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    Default Re: Patricia de Nicola´ fragrances

    New York is excellent. Purchased a bottle from Habit two years ago, great outfit. Have them send you a sample of Carre D'As with your order. Musk, frankincense, leather and Chinese ginger. Surprisingly, it comes off on the light side but does last and will impress.

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