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    Default All at Sea about Marine frags?

    Where most 'Marine' frags are all hard edged, well defined 'Quayside Morning Catch, Fishing Boat Landing Time ozone' Montale Fougeres Marines offers a softer approach, more assured, like a view from The Bridge or an afternoon Clifftop Seaview breath, with the sun sparkling off the water in the far distance, an invitation to look beyond the horizon

    Fougeres Marines speaks eloquently of the sea . The stories it tells are all individual.
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    Default Re: All at Sea about Marine frags?

    Thanks for the review Guidion. This sounds like it's definitely worth a try.
    2 other marine secnts that I find close to what you describe are Truefitt & Hill's 1805 and CSP's Aqua Motu, both different from the calone seasickness that is most marine scents.

    It seems quite hard to get the Montale's here in the States. I have e-mailed them twice with no response. I guess I need to call them but I hesitate because I don't speak any French.


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