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    Default Ja´pur Homme EDT or EDP ?

    Hi im new in here, im going to buy Ja´pur Homme, and i want to know what version is better, the Eau de Toilette, or the Eau de Parfum...


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    Default Re: Ja´pur Homme EDT or EDP ?

    I have not tried the EDP version of Ja´pur but I do own the EDT. On my skin the EDT version is a fairly quiet fragrance. I mainly wear Ja´pur when Im going out somewhere nice and am all dressed up. During most occasions when I choose to wear Ja´pur homme I want a fairly subtle yet still noticeable fragrance, so the EDT is fine for me. If you plan to wear it on a more casual and common basis and want to be a little more noticed you should defiantly check out the EDP version. Sorry I couldn't be of much help.

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    Default Re: Ja´pur Homme EDT or EDP ?

    It's difficult to tell which is which unless you spray them on each hand. Having done so, I find that the EdT has slightly 'fresher' smelling notes than the EdP. Both are very good though.

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    Default Re: Ja´pur Homme EDT or EDP ?

    First off, Jaipur EDP is one of those fragrances where you won't be saying to yourself " I wish this would project more" or "this fragrance just evaporates on my skin"
    It's hugely layered in sweet spices with a 24hr duration. No kidding. I use to own a 50ml bottle of Jaipur EDP. Had I kept it, it would have lasted at least 2yrs with daily use. I found the edp way to robust and heavy. Furthermore, the edp never opened up on my skin. It just stayed hugely concentrated. Althouth, a wonderful scent, it was to aromatic for me.

    On the other hand, the EDT is just right. Perfect balance of spice and subtle sweetness. The notes reveal themselves quicker. It can be worn more often in social settings and it's got nice sillage without being weighty.

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    Default Re: Ja´pur Homme EDT or EDP ?

    I don't think the notes are very different. I think it is just the concentration that varies, and, as noted above, the EdT has good lasting power already. I have both, mainly because I think its nice to be able to OD in something that great once in a while! Yes, I do love my JH.
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    Default Re: Ja´pur Homme EDT or EDP ?

    Thanks, i will try them both...

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    Default Re: Ja´pur Homme EDT or EDP ?

    I love both ,for the same reasons mentioned here before. I still havent tried the Summer version though, the "Fraicheur Epice". Would love to sample that one soon.

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