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    Default Imperial Jade Emporer???

    I was wondering whether anyone here has tested or owns Imperial Jade Emperor by Agatha Brown and would be so kind enough to give me an opinion on it along with some details on the scent. I want to purchase it but its quite expensive to do a blind buy atleast without hearing about it from someone who has smelled it. Thank you.

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    I was just in Aruba and spent some time with Agatha. I tried both of her mens' items and came very close to buying Imperial Jade (I purchased Conquest instead). Imp. Jade is an excellent fruit/floral/woody oriental with an amber/vanilla drydown. It is extremely well made from high quality components. According to Agatha, women swoon over this scent. I should have purchased it when I was on Aruba but I had already spent too much $$$$$$. Conquest is more of a daytime scent while IJE is definitely for the evening. I have written a quick review of Conquest on this board. Message me if you need more info.

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    Thank you for your post which i feel is enough to have me order this scent very soon :-) .

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