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    Default Essenza di Zegna

    Got it today (unused tester) and I must say that it's better than I thought.

    I remember that I wrote something about it here some months ago. I wrote that it's one of the most boring and common fragrances I can imagine. Well, I was wrong, but not completely...

    The fragrance starts with the usual hesperides, bergamot and mandarin, like so many other fragrances out there. The basenotes are musk, vetiver and amber, I think there are at least fifty scents out there with the same basenotes. What makes Essenza di Zegna (a little) special are the middlenotes. Nice and spicy cardamon, quite common, but there's the myrtle and this plant makes the difference.

    O.k., EdZ isn't a highly original or excentric scent. It's simple and it works. It has style. Like Zegna clothing or shoes. Nothing extraordinary, some will call it boring, but you can't deny that it has class.

    This fragrance is like Acqua di Gìo without the aquatic notes, like a more serious, less fruity L'eau d'Issey and like Bvlgari Aqva without the seaweed smell.

    A good everyday fragrance (not for me, but still...) that goes best with a well-cut suit and fine leather shoes. This scent won't offend anyone and still it will last for a long time. Classy, spicy and (in Germany we have this word "unaufgeregt" which means something like "unagitated", but it's meant as a compliment) with a good dose of understatement.

    That's why it's good and that's why it's NOT the perfect scent for me. I think I will wear it a few times and then pass it on to my dad.

    My rating: *** for the scent and **** for the longevity

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    Default Re: Essenza di Zegna

    Timothy: i just tried this one and I couldn't agree more.

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    Default Re: Essenza di Zegna

    You also sum up my thoughts on this fragrance wonderfully! I actually just finished my 1.7 oz. bottle earlier this spring, the first bottle I'd finished off in quite some time.


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    Default Re: Essenza di Zegna

    Amazing Summer scent that seems to last and last.
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    Default Re: Essenza di Zegna

    I go back and forth on this one. One day I wear it and like it, and one day I wear it and dislike it. There's something in it--some off note--that I can't quite wrap my nose around.
    Top 3: London Gentleman, Blackbeard's Delight, and Sex Panther. (It works 60% of the time, every time.)

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    Default Re: Essenza di Zegna

    I should try it

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    Default Re: Essenza di Zegna

    Quote Originally Posted by stra6ko
    I should try it
    You should! Its rather nice, I got a bottle lying around, but I got to wait till it stops raining, so I can wear it on a nice summer day.

    If you like Acqua Di Gio and those other fresh scents, you'll love this one. I find it to be better then Acqua Di Gio.
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    Default Re: Essenza di Zegna

    the new fragance " Z " is awesome, for all aqua d gio lovers, this one could be on the top, really attractive, masculine and sensual smell, and great long lasting !!!


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    Default Re: Essenza di Zegna

    This is one of my new faves. *Very dry and spicy. *And the longevity is fantastic! *It was a very hot and humid day here in the South and this stuff just wouldn't let up! *And by the way...I happen to have a bottle up for auction on eBay. *Is it OK to mention that here??? *Was that rude? *Oh well, too late now. * [smiley=rolleyes.gif]

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