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    Default Which Christian Dior Homme

    Okay folks, Decision time. Which one of the above three dior hommes would you buy? I know each one has a different purpose and time etc., but that being said - which one is best in its class. Say Blanche is good for daytime, is it a very good daytime scent vs Eau Noire which might the best night-time scent. I am intrigued reading Luca Turin's pick of Eau Noire as the ground-breaking of these three. I guess it is difficult to do something extremely exciting with daytime/all-purpose scents. Nevertheless, sometimes Mr Turin's reviews are totally off (to me), hence this poll.
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    Hard to say. Cologne Blanche is the ultimate feel good, daywear scent, but If you want something out of the ordinary , for evening I'd vote for Eau Noir. It's in the same leage as FM's *Musc Ravageur . Not in the sense that it's they smell alike, but in the sense that it's quite sexy and heavy.It's a lavender who stept over to the dark side (to speak in Jedi terms)It's spicy,smokey and smooth. It's sex in a bottle. I prefer this one to Musc Ravageur actually. * Mr Turin was right on this one.

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    It really depends what you like! If you want something slightly powdery and floral, along the lines of Caron Pour un Homme, go for Blanche. If you like something a little more honey-ambery, go for Argent, if you want something a bit darker and like lavender, go for Noire.

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    After smelling party in CD boutique I found Eau Noire the best from the trio.
    Cologne Blanche was very weak and close to skin.
    Argent is good and very precise. Reminds me a surgery.
    Eau Noire is the very best.
    I`m glad that my choice was in pair with Luca Turin. OK, not only mine!
    In November 2004 (suppose it was 2-nd month after its launch) there`re no 125 ml bottles of Eau Noire in all Paris boutiques of CD!!!!! So I quit to buy a bigger bottle. I`m waiting...
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    I liked Eau noire immediately and bought the 125 ml. I m not specialy found of lavander, but here it is not too obvious, I found it rather woody-spicy.
    Cologne blanche is interesting, but you have to like powder, reminds me a lot of baby's oil. Intersting to see in a cologne, but not exactly refreshing for a summer day...
    Bois d'Argent did not apeal to me. Maybe the myrrhe note, that I also recognize in Paname (Keiko Mecheri).

    I can twait for fall cooler days to wear my new Eau noire!

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