So, I am just back after a long vacation in hot and humid Chennai...(don't ask me why I went to a hot and humid city for vacation). It was fun and I got to know which smells really DO make the cut and which do not, when it comes to such weather (approx 100+F and upwards of 70% relative humidity)...

1) Creed OV
2) Guerlain - Vetiver
3) Aqua di Parma - Colonia
4) Aqua di Parma - Lavanda Tonica
5) Geurlain - Jicky (surprise, surprise)
6) Diptyque - Tam Dao
7) Creed - MI
8) 4711 - Plenty of it

Ones that did not work so well
1) Chanel - Egoiste
2) Dior - Addict (heh, this was a joke...I wanted to see how long it would be before something like this got unbearable)

What has worked for you in the past ? Any surprises ?