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    Default which is best site that sell fragrance?

    hi every body
    i would like to ask you about what site is the best site on the net that sell fragrance on line and deliver it as quick as possible. and do you know about any site that sells fragrance on line and delivers in iran or in dubai.
    thank alot

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    Default Re: which is best site that sell fragrance? is a good place to get fragrances. They ship very quickly and have a very nice website you can post reviews on. I have bought many bottles from them and recommend them highly. And i dont see why they wouldnt ship to Iran or Dubai. All they would have to do is take them to the post office and then they deliver them. Good luck.

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    Default Re: which is best site that sell fragrance?

    The problem with shipping overseas is that the airlines consider anything with alcohol to be hazardous and will not carry them. Alcohol as we all know is the main constituent in perfumes. Hence my dilemma with many internet sites too. ships overseas but because they're not based in US so perhaps the postal rules in HK is less stringent? Otherwise, places like Lusciouscargo will ship internationally, just because they're a nice bunch of people who don't give a d*** about postal authorities.

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