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    Default Kenneth Cole -- REACTION -- , nice forum..

    Hi, first at all, its great to find a forum that share great taste and discussions that are friendly.... [smiley=cheesy.gif]

    searching for some reviews on the net about --Kenneth Cole REACTION-- i found on some opinions, but not so useful,

    any opinions about this fragance ???


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    Default Re: Kenneth Cole -- REACTION -- , nice forum..

    Reaction is a good summer scent. I got a bottle as a result of my wife buying her dad the AS version (it came in a set, so she gave me the EDT). He smelled it on a scent strip around Christmas time and liked it, but he only likes aftershaves.

    It smells like Acqua di Gio minus the "tangy zing". My wife hates the zing, so it works better for me. Very fruity/melon type.

    I believe it's suitable for all occasions, not strong at all. Would be out of place in cold weather, though.


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    Default Re: Kenneth Cole -- REACTION -- , nice forum..

    I can't give you a review since I've never tested Kenneth Cole Reaction, but I do have a little story. I was in Best Buy one day and a young SA was helping me find some CDs and movies. I kept getting whiffs of his fragrance and it smelled very familiar to me. Finally, I thought I recognized it so I asked him if he was wearing KenzoAir. He told me no, that it was by Armani. I asked him, "Would it happen to be Aqua di Gio?" and he said it was, in fact, AdG. "So," I asked, "Do the chicks dig it?" [smiley=wink.gif] His reply (which came with a great big smile): "Ohhhh, yeah." Well, sometime later I was in Circuit City looking at computers and a young SA was helping me. I got a few whiffs of his fragrance and so I asked, "Are you wearing Aqua di Gio?" He said, "No, it's called Reaction." [smiley=shocked.gif] And just a few weeks ago I thought my son was wearing Aqua di Gio but he was wearing KenzoAir. My point is that KenzoAir, Aqua di Gio and KC Reaction all smell the same to me when I smell them on guys. I thought they all smelled great, but I couldn't tell them apart.

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    Default Re: Kenneth Cole -- REACTION -- , nice forum..

    I personally love it & am so glad to see that it's being talked about here. It's a very fresh fragrance that is indeed meant to be worn in the spring/summer. My only problem with it is that it seems to be rather short-lived. Other than that, I'd definitely recommend it.
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    Default Re: Kenneth Cole -- REACTION -- , nice forum..

    For 2-3 hours after application Reaction is truly great in my opinion-----not overpowering, fresh, very smooth. After that time period it really is gone, though. I'm not quite sure if others can still smell it after 2-3 hours but I know I sure can't------it was my SOTD today by the way. I bought a 3.4 oz bottle of it but I still have other favorites that get 3-4 times as much usage as Reaction. If you like these fresh, light scents but want something with a little more longevity I would highly recommend 212 men, Givenchy pour homme, Swiss Army, Lanvin L'homme, Claiborne Sport, and Polo Blue. I guarantee that these will get you noticed and won't let you down.

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