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    Default Sisley Eau de Campagne

    I saw this mentioned in the thread about grassy scents, and was intrigued. Any other opinions about or descriptions of this one? What can you tell me about Sisley? Thanks for any information.

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    Default Re: Sisley Eau de Campagne

    eau de campagne,

    first of all let me translate it will help your brain's smells


    It is a very green but not too grassy the notes a making surface one by one not at once.

    It is a good scent but if you are quiet young I would not recomment it

    A very calm scent

    It is a very specific scent to copyed etccccccc a great settled statement I would say

    Invisible Power

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    Default Re: Sisley Eau de Campagne

    I mean NOT COPYED

    Invisible Power

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    Default Re: Sisley Eau de Campagne


    Sisley is very, very green in the top notes, foral in the middle and a surprinsigly fresh basenote.


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    Default Re: Sisley Eau de Campagne

    Veeeeeeery weak - gone after 10 minutes.

    Same longevity as Hermes D'Orange Verte - such a shame...........


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    Default Re: Sisley Eau de Campagne

    On me this lasts forever and is the perfect green summer scent, though a bit grassier than say, Givenchy Greenergy, due to the tomato leaf notes and wild herbs.

    Eau de Campagne Natural Spray. A breath of fresh air. Like a walk in the country, this fragrance revitalizes the senses with a whisper of crisp greenery. The harmonious blend promotes a feeling of well-being, cleverly combining top notes of wild herbs, tomato leaves, jasmine, patchouli and oak moss.


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    Default Re: Sisley Eau de Campagne

    Wow, this sounds really nice. I must seek it out. Thanks, everyone.

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    Default Re: Sisley Eau de Campagne

    Yes, terrific green scent, somewhat short lasting (at least compared to its distaff Eau Noir version). The distinguishing features are the tomato leaves and the herbs (as opposed to run of the mill neroli, bergomot combos). If you have sampled Lorenzo Villoresi's vetiver then you know the herby/tomato combination.
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    Default Re: Sisley Eau de Campagne

    VERY short lived. Even the sales person confessed its fleeting quality. Otherwise like it a lot, but couldn't bring myself to buy it. Perhaps an oive oil moisturiser before would help.

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    Default Re: Sisley Eau de Campagne

    I recall a slightly smokey twist to the (predominantly green) opening of this fragrance. It was something I couldn't really place, something that sets it apart from citrussy greens like Eau d'Orange Verte.

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    Default Re: Sisley Eau de Campagne

    The tomato leaf note is what distinguishes it and makes it interesting, and it's also the reason I like it just the way it is: tomato leaves tend to have a heavy, foetid smell that I used to struggle to wash off me back when I was a teenager and worked in the fields. Eau de Campagne keeps the whole herbaceous effect light and breezy and transparent, and I think of it as a 'summer chypre'.

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