Stopped into Sephora, and was happy to sample Commes des Garcons 2 MAN, which was very different from the first Commes des Garcons 2. More similar to the incense series, Kyoto maybe? Wanted to try it first in the deoderant form, which works great (long-lasting, etc). Not a big cologne person, and always happy to find a deoderant or body wash that holds its own. Paticularly trendy with the return of the nouveau hippy chic, too. A nice compliment to the Molton Brown Black Pepper Body Wash. Have been a little self-consious of the regular CdG incense series colognes (can be strong), since they're so specific (while many peolple simply do not like the smell of incense, especially in a workplace).
"I smell incense"
"No, It's me"
"Oh... interesting..."
(Actually did get a compliment from a Columbian woman at a pool party - outside - with Kyoto) *