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    Default Review: Dior BOIS d'ARGENT

    Well, after falling in love with Dior's Cologne Blanche, I was lucky enough to get my scented hands on Bois D'Argent and this one is just as great as the Blanche! I know Luca (all hail Luca) wasn't thrilled about either, though he's currently praising Eau Noire, I found them easy to wear and worlds apart from most of the current men's offerings from designers and niche alike.

    With notes of honey, iris and incense, Bois d'Argent is a sunny and rich fragrance. Velvety and golden, the name perfectly suits the scent. The richness of the Honey lingers at the top, though not overly cloying, while the iris and incense notes blend in the base with a buttery and somewhat powdery finish. Whereas Blanche is more floral with its rosemary and orange blossom blended with a vanillic acent of almond, coming off as a powdery floral, Argent is almost ambery and slightly smokey!

    2 down, and one to go, and I'm absolutely on a mission to find some Eau Noire and give it a go!


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    Default Re: Review: Dior BOIS d'ARGENT

    Hey Marls, where can I purchase these frags? As you know, I'm in the USA....and which one do you like the best?


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    Default Re: Review: Dior BOIS d'ARGENT

    They can be found on

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    Default Re: Review: Dior BOIS d'ARGENT

    As far as I know, they are only sold at the Dior Homme Boutiques and Brown's of London, though there may be a few online sellers as well. The price is really not all that steep when considering the volume, however, that's a lot of cologne! I will say that though these are colognes, the lasting power, on my skin anyhow, is more of an EDT...

    1-212-421-6009 Dior Homme New York

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    Awesome threesome.

    B d'A hit me with a ton of brick. Blanche is extreme refinement. Noir is a haunting, ambery fusion of lavender, thyme and cedar.

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    Default Re: Review: Dior BOIS d'ARGENT

    thnx for the review. Me wants, me wants, me wants!

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