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Thread: Celery?

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    OK, this may sound very weird but this morning I put on some Kilo fragrance Axe body spray (no flames please, it's a guilty pleasure that I occassionaly enjoy and don't usually advertise ) and on the drive in to work this morning I could have sworn that I detected a note that smelled of celery. It was not entirely unpleasant, just kind of unexpected and out of place. Has anyone noticed this fragrance note in either the Axe product or any other "genuine" fragrance?

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    People have commented that Beyond Paradise Men smells like celery water..

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    Beyond Paradise does have a celery LIKE top note, It also has a mango LIKE top note, making it realy refreshing upon application..the scent remains cool and misty..but the as the top notes dissipate, the wood notes realy begin to morph and shine.........VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    I have used both Axe Kilo and Beyond Paradise.
    Axe Kilo is better IMO !! Never noticed a celery note but just a good warm sweet scent
    that I wish was not so commonly worn.

    Beyond Paradise's top notes are nice but then I found it very dull and couldn't stand it anymore,
    something bitter and synthetic (might be the celery note you are talking about)
    about it kept bothering me so I traded it away.


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    MPG's Grain de Plaisir is built around and has a very,VERY distinct celery note.

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    eau de cartier?

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    Vetiver by Lorenzo Villoresi & Caron's Yatagan.
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    Yatagan. Celery can be butch, brutal and menacing. Yessssssssssssssss it can.

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    Hi all,

    Celery eh? Ya know...I never thought about it before are soooo correct! YATAGAN! I just couldn't put my finger on "what is that familiar smell"....Ah ha! CELERY!


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    A few months ago, I was walking through Carson's in Ford City mall, and spotted a bottle of Truth by Calvin Klein sitting on the counter. Wanting to try it, I reached for a clean scent card, checked to make sure it was clean, and spritzed. I waved of the alcohol for a sec, and sniffed. I was flabbergasted! It smelled JUST like celery and green, leafy veggies!. I walked over to where two female SA's were standing and asked each to sniff the card. They agreed with my assesment and were suprised to find that it was a CK scent smelling as such. So I wrote it of as a "pass" and went on.

    Just a couple weeks ago, Marlen (yes OUR Marlen) was kind enough to send me a really cool sampler pack and guess which CK scent was in there! Yes...TRUTH! And I thought..."OK now, Marlen knows my tastes from us chewing the fat in the ChatRoom...maybe I gotta give this one another go!" Well, I did and 'ya know, this ones NOT BAD at all on my skin! Not to mention, a kid at work wears it and it varies on him: Dry and woodsy once, and green and leafy next time around!

    In conclusion, Truth is very green and celery-like to my nose...but as we all know, cardboard is cardboard and it is our skin that decides whether or not a fragrance works for us! Glad I gave this one another shot! And thank you again, Marls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajmc
    MPG's Grain de Plaisir is built around and has a very,VERY distinct celery note.

    I second Jeff! Grain de Plaisir: celery seeds, amber, precious woods, lemon, musk... Delicious.
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    CdG Calamus, celery grains, bamboo, angelica root, rose berries. CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    TÉ Creative Universe: green tea, celery, grapefruit & ylang ylang

    Has anyone tried this?:-) CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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