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Thread: Spice!?

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    Default Spice!?

    You often hear people say "Hey, that's a spicy scent".................but what is the most spicy scent of them all??


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    When I think of spicy, I think Romeo Gigli
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    One more question: It may sound very stupid but what makes a spicy scent? Which notes make you shout "spiiiiiceeeeeyyyyyy"..............


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    ya know, I had actually typed that and then deleted it....I always think of pepper or cinnamon as the kings of spice.

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    Default Re: Spice!?

    Jacomo Eau Cendree!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Spice!?

    Dipstick L'Eau
    Pierre Cardin PH
    LV Piper Nigrum
    In rotation: Greenbriar (new), Silver Mountain Water, Dunhill for Men (1934), Acqua di Parma Colonia, Habit Rouge EDC, Ho Hang, B*Men, Agua Brava

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    LV Spezie and CdG EDP (original) are both ultra spicy.

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    The topnotes of Michael by Michael Kors are very very spicy!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Octothorpe
    When I think of spicy, I think Romeo Gigli
    I'm with Octo!
    Romeo Gigli per Uomo, sweet and spicy!

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    I love spicy scents!!! Here are my four favorites:

    1. CDG original eau de parfum
    2. Diptyque L'Eau
    3. Dityque Eau Lente
    4. SMN Potpourri.

    I could wear the SMN every day in the winter. It has a bracing medicinal quality that goes so well with the spices.

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    I would say...Japiur Homme is spice

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    The spiciest that comes to mind is LV Piper Nigrum. I'd also add SMN Nostalgia to the list....the spices come through after the petroleum topnotes fade. Less obvious, but spicy to my nose are two by Creed...Epicea and Acier Aluminum both have strong notes of spice woven through them.


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    Gonna have to second LV Spezie here. Also the original CdG is spicy to the extreme - like a complete kitchen set...


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    FMalle: Noir Epices - cloves and cinnamon added to the pepper. Kind of sweet also. Second to LV's version of it, imo. No cloves listed there but I seem to get a good blow of carnation, always.
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    Bel Ami: spice and leather.
    Black Cashmere: incense and spice.
    Anarchist: clove (well actually probably carnation) and citrus.

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    Comme De Garcons - Jaisalmer is the best.


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    Did someone say spicy?

    I LOVE spicy!!

    From my personal stash:

    Bel Ami (peppery, leathery spice)
    Gucci PH (insence, dry woods and spice)
    Opium PH edt & edp (sweet spice and vanilla)
    Gigli's Sud Est (spices and aldehydes)
    Obsession for men (cinnamon and spice)
    keepin' it musky
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    Diesel 0+ (a lot of cinnamon is there), Cartier Must

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    Comme des Garcons and Noir Epices. Probably Caron Coup de Fouet, but I haven't smelled that yet. [smiley=tongue.gif]

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    ~ Santa Maria Novella Pot Pourri - once you get past the SMN's signature medicinal opening, a great scent that is spicy without any real sweetness.

    ~ Lorenzo Villoresi Piper Nigrum - I don't get the black pepper from this as much as most. I pick up lots of peppermint instead, giving away to sweeter spices and resins later on.

    ~ Coty Wild Spices - fantastic bargain scent for under $5 if you can still find it

    ~ Azzaro Visit - especially in the beginning, with cedar becoming more dominant to my nose later on

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