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    Default Fraiche Badiane - Question?

    Hello everyone, what's up?

    I just bought a bottle of Fraiche Badiane from another member. I didn't know what to expect, but I had, in my mind, a citrus and anise blend.

    I did a full skin test today, and its not really what I expected. I get a lemon dominated musty citrus fragrance that reminds me a lot of Chanel PMC, Ungaro II, YSL PH Concentree, etc. I actually notice a bit of something Kouros(esque) hanging around there somewhere. I don't really get any anise from this fragrance. I am looking very hard for anise, and I can't really find any. I don't get any blueish spices that I have heard from a couple reviews.

    Whats going on? I'd like some input. Am I out of my mind? Can anyone talk to me about this fragrance.


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    Default Re: Fraiche Badiane - Question?

    IPaid.., you should be able to single out the chinese anise note almost the moment you spritz, although it becomes more prominant as the scent dries down. Try it on a clear nose, after the shower, while sipping coffee.
    MPG's Badian reminds me of Dior's Eau Sauvage but with a STRONG whiff of anise (the bigger seeds that come from China). I love Badian.

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    Default Re: Fraiche Badiane - Question?

    Thats very odd. I will give it another try today. Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Fraiche Badiane - Question?

    Maybe you should try Eau du Badian by L'Occitane. I'm sure you'll find aniseed in it. An excellent fragrance, very subtle but with an only average staying-power.

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    Default Re: Fraiche Badiane - Question?

    Wearing this today and OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!

    think I'm gonna be on a bottle hunt soon. to expand on my SOTD post:

    A bit like if Eau Sauvage and AdP Colonia had a roll in a grassy flowerbed while voyeur Kouros peeks on from behind a nearby tree.

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    Default Re: Fraiche Badiane - Question?

    I like this scent as well. Pretty strong lemony opening and as usual, a strong natural smell in it. From the coupon thread below, there is a 25% coupon from Beauty Habit. Not bad for 25% off from $110. Also, if anyone is interested in MPG's Bahiana, there is a bottle on eBay right now. Sorry to throw this thread off...

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    Default Re: Fraiche Badiane - Question?

    I've never smelled it.

    It's classified as a mossy woods chypre in the Edwards book.

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