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Thread: your collection

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    Default your collection

    are you satisfied overall with your collection?

    and who do you think has the best or most abundant collection in basenotes forums? (who has the most number)

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    Default Re: your collection

    also who has the the smallest collection? I have only 3, technically 4 bc I have an eternity mini.

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    Default Re: your collection

    I have six (excluding samples). No collector here, just a sniffer Check my wardrobe to see what I've tried so far (although I couldn't care to mention all the fragrances I've tried so far).

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    Default Re: My collection?

    In a word...NO, well maybe.

    I just wish I had become a bit smarter about it sooner so I wouldn't have spent several hundred or so on all those mainstream/designers, many highly regarded here, and put it on some better selections instead.

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    Default Re: your collection

    My collection numbered 23 at the last count and still need a few more to round it off.

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    Default Re: your collection

    The thing is if you consider:
    - time of year
    - type of occasion
    - style of dress, etc, etc

    you need loads, and then some more!

    I used to think about 6 was ok. Now I would say about 20 minimum. I think I have one to go.


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    Default Re: your collection

    I have about 25 and I definitely wont stop anytime soon. I think there is a suitable fragrances for nearly any occassion and moods.


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    Default Re: your collection

    Erm, around 350.

    Currently wearing: CK All by Calvin Klein

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    Default Re: your collection

    I'm not satisfied quite yet with my collection.

    Currently, there's 4 bottles in my collection: Mugler Cologne, A*Men, B*Men, and Guerlain Vetiver.

    I don't have any good woods yet (hopefully, that will change when I get M7), nor do I have Creed MI (one scent that I really want after I tried it). I hope that my collection doesn't reach any more than 10 scents tops for multiple reasons (logistics, freshness, and cost). I want to do the maximum with the minimum.

    Four down, four to go (YSL M7, Creed MI, and two as-yet undecideds)...
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
    -"Mama", My Chemical Romance

    Niche & Hard-To-Find Sale (US Only): Frederic Malle, vintage Infusion de Vetiver, By Kilian
    Currently wearing: Royal Mayfair by Creed

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    Default Re: your collection

    I have a small collection,about 14. I like them all,but the one I think is the most uninteresting is strangely enough the most expensive one. Bought it blind,stupid,I know :-/. Too early to swap though I think,my wife will kill me :-[

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    Default Re: your collection

    i have 2 now, but i'm expecting 6 more to come in the mail over the next 2 weeks.

    am i satisfied? i think? who knows? i thought i was fine with just the 2 i have now and we saw what happened there.

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    Default Re: your collection

    I am not satisfied with mine, hence the previous top 5 thread. I have nine, and a ton of samples. I truly enjoy six. Oh, if I could find a refined citrus and something very light and fresh.

    I like AZTEC's collection.

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    Default Re: your collection

    Quote Originally Posted by randman
    ...Oh, if I could find a refined citrus and something very light and fresh...
    Eau de Rochas pour Homme.

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    Default Re: your collection

    53 bottles but in the process of selling them all and start a new collection.

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    Default Re: your collection

    Quote Originally Posted by perfumelife
    53 bottles but in the process of selling them all and start a new collection.

    Where are you selling them?

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    Default Re: your collection

    I only have 14 bottles,and want swap 5 or 6 (ungaro I,cdg,...........)well i hope open the swap board someday
    I change the direction of my collection.
    TOP 5: Penhaligons Racquets, Romeo Gigli Uomo, Great Jones Bond N 9, Polo Modern Reserve, Esencia Loewe Sport

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    Default Re: your collection

    Quote Originally Posted by Setamp

    Where are you selling them?

    On eBay of course. Our swap/ sell board is closed.

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    Default Re: your collection

    Right now, I have 57 1.7 or bigger bottles. I also own around 40 1/4 to 1/3 oz decants (almost all of which I've swapped for). Of the 57, I wear about 50 of them at least semi regularly. Of those, 20 are winter/fall fragrances, 18 are summer scents and the remaining 19 are unseasonal. I try not to overload on one season.

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    Default Re: your collection

    I have about 70 scents including minis, and I think my collection is lame ;D
    Currently wearing: L'Envol by Cartier

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    Default Re: your collection

    Quote Originally Posted by CoL
    Erm, around 350.

    if you have 15 more, then you can wear a different scent every day of the year!!! wow 350 is overwhelming amount of colognes. And my mom thinks I'm crazy with 3 colognes

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    Default Re: your collection

    My name is scent, and I'm an addict!

    I currently own about 700 bottles of fragrance.

    Need to work Step 1: I admit that I am powerless over my fragrance addiction and that my life has become unmanageable.

    If only the swap board would open I could sell some fragrances to help pay down my credit card bill.

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    Default aRe: your collection

    Hi all,

    Currenty...I own 40 DIFFERENT bottles of Cologne and 14 bottles of Madini Oils. Now...I did have more but...I swaped MANY and I have finished several fragrances altogether. I am also close to empty on several others. I am also about to swap a TWO more of my 40 fragrances (which drops me down to 38 DIFFERENT fragrances). I have several (but not enough) BACKUPS of SOME of my fravorites such as TABAROME, BANDIT, BODY KOUROS, EAU DES ILES, YOHJI, and LORENZO VILLORESI DILMUM soon to arrive.
    Now...checking my "to buy/wish list"...I would like to own the following but...I would be LUCKY to buy a few:


    Now...I also checked my "INTERESTED IN TRYING LIST"
    and...well...there is at LEAST 20 more I am interest in trying! I am HOPING to hold my collection to NO more than 50 bottles! Truthfully...due to cost...I don't think this will be too much of a problem. If I reach a TOTAL of 45 bottles in the next 12 months...I will be VERY lucky indeed!


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    Default Re: your collection

    I've got about 33 bottles and about 35 samples. I would like to have more but I do feel pretty comfortable that I can smell good for any occasion.

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    Default Re: your collection

    I have 12, my ranking (ordering from most favorite in my collection): 8)

    1. Dolce & Gabbana
    2. Sexual by Michel Germain
    3. Pi by Givenchy
    4. Givenchy Pour Homme
    5. Boss #6 (Boss Bottled)
    6. Polo Sport
    7. Aqua Di Gio
    8. Swiss Army
    9. DKNY
    10. Curve
    11. Tommy Freedom
    12. Nautica
    Current top 5:
    1. Roja UAE
    2. Sospiro Vivace
    2. SHL Generation Homme
    3. ELDO Rien
    4. Brioni EDT
    5. FM French Lover

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    Default Re: your collection

    Some 40 in all make up my collection, from Lacoste Homme to Hanae Morae, Baldassarini to Ultraviolet, Spark to Kenzoair, BalMan to CerrutiSi, Gucci pour homme to Minotaur, Jungle to BalMain, Faonnable to Rykiel Grey, Rochas Lui to Varvatos, Magnetism to Live Jazz, Emporio Night to Jacomo Rouge, Azzaro Vetiver and Lavender to Versace Man and Couture Jeans, and the list goes on.

    And you know what? After a couple of weeks of usage, I tire and require new and different, no matter how dynamic each is.

    Just me or do you guys have the same short-lived fascination for fragrance, at least until a new one makes an appearance?

    I tend to switch as soon as something newer hits the market, and then go back rarely...

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    Default Re: your collection

    I probably have about 50 bottles, but some are decants between 1/3 - 1 oz. No doubt that number will grow. Countless samples.

    God bless you guys who only have a few scents; do not aspire to have a massive amount of scents. It takes long enough just to go through one bottle. I haven't done it yet!

    My guess is that I have spent about $1000 on scents this past year (fortunately a good number I got at a discounter or decant or swap). I expect I will spend less but the dollar amount per bottle will go up.
    In rotation: Greenbriar (new), Silver Mountain Water, Dunhill for Men (1934), Acqua di Parma Colonia, Habit Rouge EDC, Ho Hang, B*Men, Agua Brava

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    Default Re: your collection

    I won`t list a number ( ) but I am very happy with my collection. There are a number of wishlist scents I`d like (the new Hermes and Dior scents sound intriguing) and recently, I lost a couple of bottles in an earthquake (how I miss my Musc Ravageur and Balenciaga for Men) that I`d like to replace. I have WAYYYYYYY too many samples and decants of various sizes, so I leave my small samples in a bowl on my desk at work and encourage folks to dip in and experiment.

    Because there are so many new releases every season, it seems difficult to cap my collection, so I`ve come to accept that my collection is ever-evolving. I`ve also thought about making 15 ml decants of most of my collection, keeping only the decants, and selling the bottles because there is NO WAY I could ever use all that I have!

    Recently at parties in my home, I give small atomizers to my guests and let them choose a scent and decant away. They all go home with a new fragrance and I`ve spread the joy of my addiction!


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    Default Re: your collection

    I bought 11 new colognes in the past 3 weeks. ARHHGG DAMN YOU BASENOTES

    My collection is sitting at 12.

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    Default Re: your collection

    I have six though I will have seven when I buy next summer's refill of Eau d'Hadrien.

    I have quite a few samples and I have tried hundreds of perfumes but but very rarely buy any. I don't want more than I can possibly wear!

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    Default Re: your collection

    Let`s make this into a poll! ! ! !


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