Few day ago I went in Milan at Corso Como 10 and purchased CDG series 1: TEA; so, as usual I asked to the girl who assisted me for some samples.
So she gave me a sample of "Piazzetta di Portofino". At the moment I didn't care at all of it but, yesterday evening I gave it a sniff and it seemed not so bad to me. So this morning, before going at work, I put some drops on my wrist and neck.
I was pleasantly surprised by this soapy, rich smell with a strong orange note with floral hints (maybe orange blossoms) that slightly remembers good quality hard candies (but in a good way). Moreover this taste lasts for all the drydown wich is very soapy. Plus sillage is good and lasted for over 8 hours on me. Definitely a good impression!

I looked in basenote directory for some info about this scent but I've tried nothing.
So guys, has anybody heard about it? Can you help me finding some info?