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    I enjoy using violet scented shaving cream and I'm looking for suggestions for violet scented cologne or cologne with a top note of violets, at least.

    I ordered some of the inexpensive Crusella's cologne but I've heard the scent doesn't last very long.

    I also have a sampler of Penhaligon's Violetta and while I hear that some men use it I feel that it might be too feminine for me.



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    Hi Barry, it's Barry here!!

    I wonder if when you say that you use a violet scented shaving cream, that it's made by Trumpers? If so, have you tried their Ajaccio Violets cologne? It is really beautiful and it is actually a men's scent. Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene is also a violet based scent for men.

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    Definitely try Grey Flannel and, if you can get hold of it, Bois de Violette from Serge Lutens. Fresh violets and dry cedarwood.

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    Royal Bain de Caron is almost pure violets IMO. Sweet and powdery, very nice but perhaps a tad feminine.


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    I went through a violets phase last year and tried nearly everything. My favorite fragrance with a prominent violet note is Rykiel Homme - wonderful notes of Japanese Yuzu, cedar, mint, violet and woods.

    For more pure violets, without the dreaded sweetness, definitely Trumper's Violets, but it doesn't last, and that's the downfall. Eau de Cartier is a good choice, but there was something about it I just didn't like, though I must admit it's a pretty good scent! L'Artisan's Verte Violette is a surprisingly fresh and green violet scent, and Violetta di Parma is like a violet eau de cologne, though a little sweet at the start. Penhaligon's is a dark and sweet scent and this might be one of my next purchases. Surprisingly, Madini's violet oil is pretty good, and quite earthy, though again, sweet.

    Good luck!

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    Marlen sent me a decant of the Rykiel (thanks Marls - yes, I know I owe you an e-mail...!) and I enjoyed it a lot. Trumpers Ajaccio Violets is delicious but it's gone in sixty seconds. Shame.


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    I just tried Verte Violette from my Aedes sample yesterday, and I really liked it. It seems to have that sharp green quality that I'm beginning to think of as the "house note" for L'Artisan, but the violet note is quite warm and soft. It makes an interesting combination.

    Grey Flannel seems a little acidic on me. Maybe I'll have to do a comparison, to see what the difference between the two violets is.

    Does anyone know if there is a violet note in Acqua di Parma? At one time, the city was famous for its violets, so their inclusion in a scent of the same name would make some kind of sense...

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    Quote Originally Posted by scenteur7

    For more pure violets, without the dreaded sweetness, definitely Trumper's Violets, but it doesn't last, and that's the downfall.
    yeah it's a real pity isn't it....... a lovely cologne all dressed up and ready for the ball.............then *zap!*..... completely disappears

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    The Grey Flannel suggestion here is a really good one but for single note violet I think the real triumph scent is Molinard's Les Fleurs de Provence series Violette. Sharp and cold pure violet this is just plain mean smelling. I always think it should be paired with a starched white dress shirt.

    I can see why people might think pure violet smells candy-like, say, or feminine, but playing with the note and trying it out has shown me that one can just as easily see that its harshness and smoothness works as well on a man. I think once you're in it and living with it you can easily see how masculine it is and how it renders a man more interesting.
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    Burberry Touch (for men) also has a strong violet component, and it has a white musk base.
    Very nice stuff, but found it too feminine for my taste.

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    Caron Aimez Moi might be worth a sniff - it's a blend of violet and anise among other things, it's has more depth that most violet scents. Not sure if it would be too candied violet for most guys, but it definitely worth trying. Caron Violette Precieuse is also another green sort of violet, not too sweet, but I think it is being discontinued.
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    Yeah, Trumpers Ajaccio Violets is probably the best violet fragrance out, but doesn't last more then a half hour on my skin. You should still try it out, might last on your skin.
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    What you are looking for is Violet Moss Eau de Parfum by Fresh.
    There is a whole list of ingredient notes , but at it's heart is French Violet , and that's what it smells like.
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    Aramis Life has a nice violet middle note.

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    I like the Aqua di Parma violets. Very easy to wear.

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    The new Dunhill Fresh has also a proper violet smell................


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    A forcefull one

    the eau de parfum SEIGNEUR DE GALIMARD from Galimard

    It is a strong one does last all day

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    Violetta di Parma. It's v.v. nice violet. And it is not super-expensive:-). I mixe it with CdG Calamus, following Nowsmellthis Blogger. It's cute:-) CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Thanks for the responses guys! I really appreciate it. I'm going to check all of them out.

    I have a bottle of Rykiel (the one shaped like a t-shirt) that I bought a few years ago. It's one of my favorites.

    Thanks again,


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    I like the synthetic violets Alberto Marillas used in KenzoFlower.

    But for a man my vote goes to Verte Violette.
    And for a sexy violet try Farenheit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laurent
    A forcefull one

    the eau de parfum SEIGNEUR DE GALIMARD from Galimard

    It is a strong one does last all day

    This one is more or less a clone of Fahrenheit, but better than the original IMHO!

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    Ultraviolet Man
    by Paco Rabanne

    i find this great.Long lasting and has wery warm aura to it.Wery good

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