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    Default Another COMME DES GARCONS SERIES 3: Incense ?

    Hey guys,

    Would the incense line be bad to wear in the summer? Trying to decide between Kyoto and Sequoia right now. I have decants of other coming....
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    Default Re: Another COMME DES GARCONS SERIES 3: Incense ?

    Well, of course it depends. These are such unique fragrances that they really defy most of the standard conventions. For me, Kyoto is my favorite of the incense series because it is the softest and most evocative. I have many many very fond memories of incense burning in the summer, hot summer nights drinking gin, dancing in the living room, and staying up late with friends playing cards... So the evocation of incense in the summer is quite sublime, much more so than it might be in the winter. More traditionally, Kyoto has the heat one usually associates with a winter fragrance, but it is devoid of anything even slightly cloying or sickly sweet that might feel too heavy in the summer. No vanilla, musk, or amber. I wear it and enjoy it in the summer... or the-season-formerly-known-as-summer in this rainy NW city (currently raining and 64f).
    I also enjoy Sequoia. I bought decants of this and Pallisander together and initially liked Pallisander better - it just struck me as more wearable and versatile. After several wearings of both I am now enjoying Sequoia more. There is this weird fruity, cinnamon candy note to the Pallisander that comes out at times in the heat. No idea what that is. The Sequoia is beautiful dry woods, but it also has a strange tomato soup note that pops out sometimes. The red series seems strangely reactive to chemistry.
    To answer your question more directly, I think both can easily be worn in the summer. Choosing between the two would be difficult, but I find myself reaching for Kyoto more often.
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    Default Re: Another COMME DES GARCONS SERIES 3: Incense ?

    Jailsalmer, inspired by the romantic desert city of royal Rajasthan, in India, in my opinion is the most summer incense scent of the serie.

    I love to wear in summer also the #1 EDP, still considered a winter scent.

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    Default Re: Another COMME DES GARCONS SERIES 3: Incense ?

    I love Kyoto:-) It is green and calming. Sequioa is v. powerful, sweet and sappy, "fougere". It could be a bit harsh at the end of a hot day. Palisander is better for heat imo, it is soft and comfortable.

    Jaisalmer has a v. v. nice "sour", creamy gaiac note. Ouarzazate also grows better in the sun:-P

    I can't imagine wearing Avignon in summer. I wore it and it was too much for me. But I know someone for whom it reminds a great summer time, in Avignon:-) CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Smile Re: Another COMME DES GARCONS SERIES 3: Incense ?

    to me zagorsk smells like laundry detergent, tide or cheer

    I really like avignon cause it's so extreme. the others just have incense notes and I feel more traditional scents are in the way!

    will have to try the jalimser (sic) or whatever it is again...

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