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    Default Heritage vs Zino ?

    I really like Guerlain Heritage - think it is classy to the extreme. Normally is it not easy to it in the shops anymore but today I got the the chance - and blew it..........because I own Zino Davidoff and suddenly it struck me - it is the same scent!!

    What do you say to that?


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    Default Re: Heritage vs Zino ?

    Gasp! But I know where you are coming from. I think I might have compared the two at one time as well.

    I think they are both dark, rich scents. Zino is more like a glove on my skin, thick and resinous. In a weird way, the closest scent I have resembling it is L'Occitane Vetyver, which is hardly a dark scent ... but it has a certain attractive yuckyness in its top notes that Zino has.

    I agree that Heritage is a very classy scent. But it has so much siliage that it can be too much. When I think of an elegant patchouli, this is it. Zino, I find doesn't have as much vanilla as Heritage, but maybe my sniffer is off. Heritage has a touch of the ol' lavender which I don't think Zino has.

    I really like both. Still, I don't find myself turning to Heritage but to its more wearable clone, Lalique pour Homme EDT!

    I'd like to see how a scent which really sticks close to the skin like Zino works in this hot weather.
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    Default Re: Heritage vs Zino ?

    Zino is much better IMO.

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    Default Re: Heritage vs Zino ?

    I'm a fan of both of these, too. However, I give the nod to Zino because it plays up the musk moreso than Heritage, and I like that a lot.


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