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    Default Carven Vetiver Dry

    Ahhh.... it's finally here! *Carven Vetiver Dry....

    This seems to be an extreme 'herbal' version of the original Carven Vetiver during the first few minutes of its application (top notes). Amazingly, it begins to smell like Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien as it dries down; it definitely has that common seaweed note going for it.
    An interesting note: The box has the "Made in UK under License" written on it. Hopefully there isn't much difference between the UK and the original French version.

    Also, while the original Carven Vetiver might resemble Guerlain's Vetiver (without the vanilla), I find the 'Dry' to be a far more distant scent from the original, and closer to the Eau d'Hadrien in its overall make up.

    I am beginning to really like it *[smiley=cool.gif]


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    Default Re: Carven Vetiver Dry

    I'm currently wearing the original Carven vetiver thus I hear you loud & clear! [smiley=grin.gif] [smiley=grin.gif]
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    Default Re: Carven Vetiver Dry

    I"m wondering if Godzilla is still around and if they have any words to add after a few years of Vetiver Dry.
    Anyone else out there try this rare scent?
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    Default Re: Carven Vetiver Dry has 50ml available for $17.99

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