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    Default You know, Royall Mandarin is really really nice.

    Much better than the other Royalls in my opinion. I was at Brooks Brothers today and I couldn't help stopping. I had never smelled the Mandarin before, but I like the lime - not something I would wear, but nice anyway - and so I smelled the mandarin. It's really good, lightyears better than Musk, Spice and Bay Rhum.

    Anyone know about the longevity? If it has a long tenure I might consider buying it, it's actually rather cheap.

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    Default Re: You know, Royall Mandarin is really really nic

    Hi Ren:
    Royall Mandarin is a great summer splash-on. I wore it yesterday. It was hot and humid here and it worked well. Every time I wear it I get a compliment from my girl.
    It usually lasts a few hours on me. Ocassionally I will sprinlke it on my hair like a tonic and it lasts quite long.
    Check eBay. I bought an 8 oz bottle for $20.00 plus $6.00 S&H from bermuda150, a very honest seller. I've used them a few times.
    I'll eventually buy the lime even though it doesn't last as long. There is something about it that I like.

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    Default Re: You know, Royall Mandarin is really really nic

    I don't like Royall Lyme at all, to me it is an archetypical cheap drugstore scent - redolent with cheap musk.
    All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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