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    Default Of all the frags I could have bought today...

    I'm sitting here looking at a brand new bottle of L'EAU BLEUE D'ISSEY POUR HOMME

    I woke up this morning with a need to blow some money. *I went to buy some new shoes, but didn't see what I was looking for...of course I managed to walk past the fragrance counter without stopping, but on the way out...alas, the flesh was weak.

    (St. Ernie Gallo, where were you?)

    Well, I was expecting the L'Eau Bleue to be bad, as the reviews on here were slanting since its release. *But some people said it was awful, which made me think it might be good. *I saw that Six Cats and a few others liked "LB" so that made me grab it and give it a go...

    To be honest i had smelled it before. *A month ago when I was testing L'Instant de Guerlain, I had a bunch of tester strips in front of me and I got to the point where i forgot which was which. *I sniffed one of them thinking it was something else, something good, when the SA told me that it was the new Issey. *Much better than I wanted it to be. *I'll be honest, I was hoping for some reason that the new Issey would be bad, probably because of the whole "tribute to the 'story of water'" hype that surrounded its release.

    So the memory of it stayed in my mind and I decided to test it again today. *It was great. *It was 50 bucks. *I said "I'll take it". *But I used my paying customer status as a tool to get the SA to show me the full range of Creeds; some nice stuff, but some of them weren't worth the retail prices... Although several I plan on getting someday. *Hell, Orange Spice WAS A DEAD RINGER for Kouros ( and yes, I realise that most of you think Kouros has something "DEAD" in it to begin with.)

    Well, anyway. *I got in my car and gave the LB a shot on the wrist. *It was like a bastard child of Villoresi's Piper Nigrum and Givenchy pour homme. *I love black pepper in scents, and while I didn't see pepper listed as a note, it IS a very peppery smelling scent. *A bit like my beloved Extreme Polo Sport.

    First, a couple of reactions from my brothers.

    Brother Number One: *"Hmmm, not bad, its kind of strong smelling.

    Brother Number Two: "(bewildered look). *Its pretty good. *Smells like something my friend wears although I'm sure its not. *Kind of smells like Vicks vapor Rub...but in a good way"

    OK, not boundless praise, but not "ugh, it smells like rotten fish" either. *And just for the record, i can detect that vapor-rub note. *I thought it might be a subliminal suggestion, given off by the deep blue glass that Vicks comes in, but its not. *It really does have a slight mentholated smell to it. *Which I'll say again, i like.

    OK. now I am about to digress even further into my associations with this scent in a bit of a Jeffery Primeau type obsessive nature. ha. *(Remember his whole M7/Purple Chloe Shoes thing?) *Well, when I was a kid, i had a real affinity for the smell of some blueberry candles at my grandmas, and here comes the funny/embarrassing part...there was a Linda Ronstadt song "Blue Bayou", which I associated with that smell, and consequently with certain things that were blue in color. *Dammit if this new Issey scent doesn't just make Blue Bayou play in my head (I'm sure I haven't actually even heard the song by accident even, for a good fifteen years). *Not really important to saying whether this scent is good or bad, just an aside...

    Well, back to the scent. *I described in in my SOTD as Blueberries rolled in Black Pepper. *There are some woods in there too. *Its really a hard scent for me to describe in terms of notes. *Its nothing like any of the other "Aqua" scents out there. *Its fairly sharp and a bit tart, I'm sure it contains alot of Linalool and Limonene (which I'm convinced give that vivid mouthwathering quality to alot of scents). *There are some minor notes in the background that are a bit dissonnant and which make the scent interesting to me, notes that I haven't smelled before. *i just wonder if especially given the magnitude of the brief for a new Issey scent, plus the budget given to advertise it, i just wonder if there are not a couple of brand new molecules in there somewhere, just a guess.

    I was walking around today after buying it, and the sun was unmerciful. *The LB wore very well, and is a pretty good choice for warm weather wear.

    If you haven't tried it, you should at least give it a test next time you're near the testers. *You might like it.

    Indie Guy

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    Default Re: Of all the frags I could have bought today...

    Welcome to the DARK SIDE INDIE! Brwwwwwwhaaaaaaa-haaaaaa!
    Seriously...for the life of me...I could NOT understand all the past negative reaction to such a UNIQUE and WONDERFUL fragrance as is L'EAU BLEUE D'ISSEY. I think you have EXCELLENT taste Indie (if I do say so myself) lol.
    Enjoy your BLEUE Indie! Ooooh....VERY cool bottle...don't ya think ?


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    Default Re: Of all the frags I could have bought today...

    The camphor note woould be the association to "vicks" which dies down. I hated this scent on the begining. I do not own it but am starting to like it. Although It says "bleue" it almost smells piney to me which is great. This is why I so love my OV by creed! What a wonderful green scent.

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    Default Re: Of all the frags I could have bought today...

    I agree with Sixcats always have, I do not know why this got such horrible opinions. Dead fish? I dont really even smell anything "watery" here at all. I smell a piney sap smell out of the bottle. The drydown is hard for me to describe, I really wont even try. To be its not as good as the topnotes but definately unique. I loved how it smelt after a day on a spray card but yet on my skin it sorta sat wierd. I would take whiff and whiff of my wrist trying to figure out what I am experiacing. I never disliked what I smelt but I never truely loved it either. It was very warm but not sharp, sort of sandy (if thats a smell) but not really synthetic. With that every sniff seemed almost different. One thing I will give Issey is that whatever they put in the cologne most certainly adds complexity. To this day I swear L'eau D'Issey can smell any number of different ways on any given day.

    I almost gurantee at some point I will end up buying this cologne. I think it comes down to the same charasitics of the orginal Issey where Its hard to smell it on yourself cause it blends in with your skin chemistry so well. Its sorta of a matter of trust almost that what you are wearing is smelling proper. Only other complaint is that the lasting power is not up to par with the orginal Issey. Though I can hardly hold that against such a unique and calming scent. I personally try and buy colognes that are strong enough to last my full days, this will most surely be relegated to evening affairs.

    God damnit now I have to go try it again.

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    Default Re: Of all the frags I could have bought today...

    does the drydown smell smoething like paul sebastion???

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