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    Default Is Versace Man a tad like Dzing?(don't hate me)

    Hey guys,

    today I scored a bottle of Versace man for $26.50 at perfumania.

    I sprayed it on some paper and then on my skin and dammit if i don't detect a similar base to that of Dzing by L'Artisan. Of course Versace man has that big grape gum note that everyone can agree on. I'm not saying they are identical in any way but here's the thing. Dzing is very similar to Bulgari Black, almost twins...yet Versace Man shares some of the character of Dzing, yet nothing of Bulgari Black. If you could strip the fruitiness out of Versace man, I think what you'd be left with would be close to Dzing. I think Versace has that " dry fur" note that Dzing allegedly has. It makes sense now...Versace would try to literally bottle the smell of a "chest rug" in a bottle. hahaha.

    I'm not saying these two scents are all that similar, I'm just saying i think they have a note or two in common. I can't do anymore comparisons for now, because I think olfactive fatigue has set in.

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    Default Re: Is Versace Man a tad like Dzing?(don't hate me

    Haven“t smelled Dzing! for a while but the Versace definitely shares a lot with Le Male. I like the idea/pyramid of it but it smells terribly synthetic on me. In somewhat the same vein I really like Paul Smith London and Armani Black Code now.


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