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Thread: Parfum d'Habit

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    Default Parfum d'Habit

    I received a decant of Parfum d'Habit in the mail today. I've been wearing it all evening. This is an exceedingly dry and rich woody fragrance that is notable for the other scents it reminds me of.

    I was first reminded of Voleur de Roses. I never could identify the patchouli in that fragrance (probably because it didn't resemble the Deadhead-Parking Lot scent I was familiar with). I immediately pick up that unidentified note here, and of course it's the patchouli and blackcurrant in Parfum d'Habit that reminds me so much of the patchouli and plum from VdR.

    Next I got a strong sandalwood note that reminds me very much of Santal Noble. This makes sense, as it's likely that Jean Laporte uses a similar sandalwood accord in each fragrance.

    That was all I had for a bit, then I started detecting a dry green note underneath. There it was! It reminds me of OFF! mosquito repellent! I've smelled that before, in Route de Vetiver (where it overwhelmed me) and also in Baime (where it was gentle and interesting). The vetiver note. Isn't it strange how different vetiver is from one scent to another? The MPG vetiver note is so different from what I find in Vetiver Extraordinaire or Goutal or Creed OV. Here it lends the perfect sharp, bitter foil to the richer and sweeter woods and fruit.

    So there it is: sandalwood, patchouli, blackcurrant and vetiver. All distictive and yet still masterfully blended. Truly a beautiful scent.

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    Default Re: Parfum d'Habit

    I have a sample of it and waiting for the bottle of it (as a gift from my friend).
    I love blackcurrant buds + vetiver accord it lends from Route du Vetiver - but here bergamot, patchouli, sandal, amber and leather makes it very different.
    Very dry leather makes me its fan.
    If I could exclude vanilla and amber - I`ll do that immediately. I like dry non-sweet parfums.

    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Hi all,

    BARON...ME too! That is to say, I also received my DECANT of PARFUM D'HABIT (Monday June 10th. 2005) as well! Your review is right on target! MPG PARFUM D'HABIT is OUTSTANDING! I have sampled (or owned) several other MPG's which I liked but...not enough to keep so I decided to swap them away. This will NOT be the case with PARFUM D'HABIT.


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    I've tried to shy away from this fragrance but after these eloquent reviews (as always) I may give it a go [smiley=grin.gif]

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    Default Re: Parfum d'Habit

    Nice review. When I went to the MPG boutique and sampled the lot, it was Parfum d'Habit that I took home. This stood head and shoulders above the other fantastic fragrances there which is saying a lot.
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    Can't wait to try this one, I'm getting a sample soon.
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    I've tried this in a sample and liked it a lot. The only thing the keeps me from buying is because my gf dislikes it.

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