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    Default Day time, Night time- really mean anything?

    In terms of cologne, Currently I have Some Chrome, Swiss Army, and Cool water along with a tester of Issey mikake and Vera Wang for men..

    Anyway I was wondering if it really mattered what time of day I wore I heard was good for day time, but what about night time and college parties.....would cool water be more suitble for that?

    And what about swiss army? Good for day time or college parties/night clubs?

    Or do these distinctions matter little and cologne that smells good on you works for any time during the day?

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    Default Re: Day time, Night time- really mean anything?

    Its really up to you as the wearer. Just like preferences of certain scents for certain seasons, we all tend to have our own impressions of what works best for when.

    I think you'd find that summer / spring scents are more aligned with daytime type wear. Scents that are lighter and not as heavy. They'd also probably tend to be more citrusy, clean or even marine like in their profile.

    Fall / winter scents tend to be similar to nighttime wear, being fuller and heavier. More spices, woods and ambery notes. Just personal generalizations really.

    Wear what you like.

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    Default Re: Day time, Night time- really mean anything?


    In my opinion the question is are confortable about wearing this scent at this instant now ???

    there is that old thinking that you should drink white wine with fish etc..... well all those rules are here to be broken.

    If you were fiathfull to only one scent a the time (owning only one bottle) there would be no problems with am or pm wear !!!

    Lots of poeple male and female are actualy faithfull to only one scent for years and it is no big deal.

    One scent for morning afternoon evening and even bed long as you love that scent.

    Wear what you feel like when you want that is what I believe !

    Invisible Power

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    Default Re: Day time, Night time- really mean anything?

    I can't smell(as of yet, hopefully can't be fixed) so I wear cologne moreso for social reasons.

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    Default Re: Day time, Night time- really mean anything?

    I agree with scentsational.

    I think a lot of people associate spicy/oriental type of fragrances with evening wear, if that means anything.
    In rotation: Greenbriar (new), Silver Mountain Water, Dunhill for Men (1934), Acqua di Parma Colonia, Habit Rouge EDC, Ho Hang, B*Men, Agua Brava

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    Default Re: Day time, Night time- really mean anything?

    To me, daytime is for light clean refreshing things and nighttime is for darker heavier sexier riskier things. If you want.

    Everyone can agree on what smells clean and refreshing. But what is sexy will vary enormously from person to person. And depend a lot on the person you are with, or want to be with.

    Bulgari Black is a sex machine to me. Plenty of people think it's disgusting, or just weird. I would happily jump the bones of Kingdom, Bandit, Bel Ami, Comme des Garcons, Cuiron, and M7. And sometimes even Yatagan.

    I think all the scents you mentioned are pretty much daytime/anytime scents, so don't worry and just have fun.

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    Default Re: Day time, Night time- really mean anything?

    It all depends - if it's night time and it's still warm where you live , or you're in a warm environment (e.g. a night club), then fresh scents are okay. But if it's relatively cool, why be even "cooler" by using fresh scents? The "warmer" woodier or oriental scents would then be a better fit to the environment.

    For example, one of my favourite fresh scents is Boss Elements. I think it's great for most of the year, but I really start to dislike it if I wear it in the middle of winter.

    I don't own it, but from memory, I think the Vera Wang you have isn't as fresh as the other ones.

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    Default Re: Day time, Night time- really mean anything?

    As we talk about that, please tell me which are your favourite night time fragrances! I love Platinum Egoiste and Gucci Rush, and M7

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