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Thread: "R" by Revillon

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    I have to admit to never having heard of this house, even though it's been around for quite a while and has released some acclaimed scents. I believe another B'noter told me this house at one time bought Caron when it was struggling financially.

    I got this one in a trade from that B'noter. I sprayed it on my wrist when I first got it and thought, "OK, well, that's nice enough, but...."

    Today I am wearing it for the first time and I'm far more impressed! It is a somewhat unsusual scent...can't really think of anything to compare it is SLIGHTLY sweetish but not overpowering. Longetivity is good...overall a unique and very pleasant frag.

    Any thoughts on this one? Anyone know the notes? Any other male scent from this house that you might recommend? Thanks!

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    Oh, this is HIGH on my wishlist - wink wink...I absolutely love the drydown and find it pleasant and easy to wear...It's similar to lots of things, but exactly like none, know what I mean?


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    ahahahha....are we angling for a decant here, Marls???!!!

    Send you a private.

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