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    Default Fragrance testing

    My intention was to visit Harrods this afternoon to test a few fragrances but to my dismay the store was closed. This was a huge blow to me as I was rather looking forward to the visit as the store stocks the largest Caron fragrances in London. (to my knowledge).

    I thus visited Harvey Nichols instead, I enquired about Caron from a sales assistant & I was informed that the store did not stock Caron. I was a bit suspicious of this but I remained resolute.

    My patience was running a bit thin when the assistant wanted to spray on my wrist "Bassi Homme" by Armand Bassi, which smelled a trifle substandard to my expectation. I was further subjected to the ghastly Alessandro Dell'Aqua Man, which the sales assistant mumbled was very exclusive to the store.

    I was fortunate to stumble upon the infamous "Tabac Blond" as I left the inexperienced sales assistant. The eau de parfum is rather expensive as 50ml sells for 145. The fragrance is very rich & spicy & I am finding it very difficult to discern the various notes that compose this classic fragrance, initially it smelt somewhat dirty & I wasn't quite sure that I liked it, but as time evolved I did - the dry down was quite ethereal! I now understand why a few basenoters rave about this fragrance!

    My last testing was Michael by Michael Kors, I must admit that I like this fragrance, the tarragon, bergamot & thyme which are constituents of the top notes work very well, I also fancied the dry down - the smell of plum & dried fruits was rather nice.

    Enough of my ramblings, I would like to thank you chaps for the insight on Tabac Blond, which was the highlight of my testing...

    I would be grateful if someone can discern the various notes of Tabac Blond for me.
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    Default Re: Fragrance testing

    The problem with shops is, so often, the help, who, I guess, are forced to speak to you, and forced to recommend whatever the latest crap product is. This is why I really like shops where the staff leave you alone.

    Sephora is very good this way, even if their selection, though broad, is a bit shallow. And the CdG boutique is lovely too: all the fragrances on a rack, with no sales people in sight. It's perfect.

    Tabac Blond is on my to-try list. Is there a Caron boutique in London?

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    There is no stand alone Caron shop in London to my knowledge.

    Harrods has a large Caron section in the "Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie" at Urban Retreat department. Other department stores carry just a few of the Caron perfume range.
    Let your nose be your pilot

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