Thanks for joining the Basenotes Community. As it’s quite a busy place, we’ve devised a set of rules to make this a nice place to be.

Rules for the Basenotes discussion boards.

[If you feel a member has breached the rules of the Basenotes Community, please notify the appropriate forum moderators.]

A breach or continued breaches of these rules will result in either a temporary or permanent ban from the Basenotes Community.

By using the Community, you agree to abide by the following:

1. You certify that you are 13 years of age or over. All those individuals under 13 years of age will need a full release form from their parents before posting any messages. This is in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 2000 (COPPA).

2. Posts which may be considered offensive are not permitted.

3. Posts which are posted purely to promote a related business are not permitted without prior agreement.

4. Posting copyrighted text is forbidden. Please link to the articles – do not paste them.

5. Only link to images, on Basenotes, or sites you have permission to link from. Links to images on external sites without permission will be removed.

6. Signatures may contain images, links, and texts. Signatures are subject to these rules. Images used in signatures should be no taller than 75 pixels and no wider than 500 pixels.

7. Please stick to the relevant topic of the group you are posting in (i.e., Fragrance, Grooming, or General Discussion). If a thread you are participating in inspires you to go off-topic, please take your thoughts to the relevant board. People visit the individual boards to read about their topics, not irrelevant information.

8. You are not permitted to post on this site excerpts from private email or instant messages. There are no exceptions to this rule.

9. The Basenotes Community is not a venue for personal or private vendettas. Keep your personal business as just that – personal. This forum is not a venue for the resolution of personal disputes with members or companies.

10. Flaming or personal attacks are not allowed or tolerated.

11. Posts/signatures that involve politics and religion are expressly forbidden on this board.

12. If you are advised to stop a discussion by an administrator or moderator then do so. Threads will be locked should discussion continue after you have been advised otherwise. If you wish to carry on your debate after you have been advised to drop it, please use private email.

13. Is unlucky.

Jan 05 – This is the latest version of these rules. These rules supersede any prior guidelines you might have received and may be amended without notice.