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    Default xeryus vs xeryus rouge

    How do these compare? Are they alike or completely different animals?
    Any input is appreciated.
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    Default Re: xeryus vs xeryus rouge

    In my opinion, two completely different species. Xeryus is intensely woody and oriental, has a dark mysetry about it, very masculine. Xeryus Rouge is sweet with a note of cactus somewhere, not particularly masculine, but more modern than Xeryus. Both are good for night use, Rouge is pretty good for romantic use, but it's really potent. I like Rouge better.

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    Default Re: xeryus vs xeryus rouge

    I agree and disagree with Hack. They are indeed two COMPLETELY different scents.

    The regular is a really pleasant, if not groundbreaking, scent, versatile, good-smelling, and appropriate in almost any setting.

    Rouge is a completely different animal. It is one of most despised scents ever and I literally gave my bottle away to another B'noter several months ago. It is suffocating and oppressively sweet. * I hated it. *But to each his own!

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    Default Re: xeryus vs xeryus rouge

    Yes, both are very different. The rouge is certainly very sweet, medicinal sweet almost.

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    Default Re: xeryus vs xeryus rouge

    I agree with the above. Very different. I prefer the original. (The Xeryus Rouge smelled too similar to some of the sweeter scents I already own.) If you want something sweet, go for Hanae Mori, Rochas Man, etc.
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    Default Re: xeryus vs xeryus rouge

    Complety different. I prefer Rouge, but not for summer

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    Default Re: xeryus vs xeryus rouge

    Xeryus is dark & heavy with an interesting berry note. It goes through some interesting transitions until the sandalwood hits you in the end.

    I am neutral on Xeryus Rouge. If I were younger, I would probably love this as a date/fun scent. (I am not fun, to the dismay of many women, as much as I try to warn them.) It is a bit too sweet for me. In a mystery scent challenge I described Ungaro III as rather similar to Xeryus Rouge.
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    Default Re: xeryus vs xeryus rouge

    I second the comparison made by K.
    Ungaro III and Xeryus Rouge seem to have many similar notes. Though if push comes to shove, I will choose Ungaro III every time. Ungaro III's sweetness comes from a very balanced rose note which unlike Xeryus Rouge is not cloying; even if you overdose.

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