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    Default Depressed by all these new half finished perfumes

    More and more perfumes these days seem to me to be half finished.
    A prime example is M7. This perfume has fantastic potential, but it just does not deliver ! Something is missing.Many things are missing. It just doesn`t get there, and it fades so fast. To me its a flop.
    Another example is Rochas Absolu, which seems to be just a watered down basenote. Again , it doesn`t last long. It seems Im not the only one with this opinion. All over europe it`s on sale for half price.
    Rochas again: Lumiere.This fragrance seemed to disappear from the shelves as soon as it was launched.
    To me it smelt like watered down water !! Whats going on ?
    Yet another example is Helmut Lang, Curion. At first I smelt nothing, and I have a pretty sensitive conk.
    There was a huge delay of hours before the sandalwood started to kick in. Like a roller coaster stuck halfway up the chain-lift.
    Is this all to do with deadlines and mega bucks ? It stinks.
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    Default Re: Depressed by all these new half finished perfu

    M7 - fading fast?
    Curion - nothing there?

    I didn't think much of M7 Fresh, but M7 original infects my clothes for ages afterwards.
    Curion is a cologne and not as strong as I'd like, but there's plenty of leathers to smell there.
    I'm not sure what to make of your perceptions.
    Still disappointed and annoyed you may indeed be, but there's no need to depress yourself over a scent.

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    Default Re: Depressed by all these new half finished perfu

    Rochas Absolu is basenotes only. I absolu-tely agree. I got it for less than half the price and now I know why. Nothing wrong with longevity on me though. I think there must be another frag around to layer it with - but which? I sense a challenge coming up for the weekend!

    YSL: M7, Rive Gauche, and Paris seem to have been on tacit sale recently too, and I understand! Still gave in to Paris. Maybe Kouros next [smiley=undecided.gif]
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