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Thread: wardrobe

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    Default wardrobe

    What exactly does "pending" mean?

    Is a little sample vial pending?

    Is an original miniature/ decant with 15 - 20ml?

    Or only things I want to buy in the near future? [smiley=undecided.gif]
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    Default Re: wardrobe

    It's the default category all scents are put in. *In other words, you haven't changed its status or given it a rating. *

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    Default Re: wardrobe

    My experience with the wardrobe feature tells me that pending means the scent has been entered as part of my wardrobe, but has yet to be placed in a category within the wardrobe, i.e., own, tested, wanted, swaplist, once-owned, whatever.

    Pending just means the scent has been added. From there, once one edits one's wardrobe it can be moved from pending into its place in the wardrobe using the edit wardrobe feature.

    I've got a bunch of pendings that I save until I remember to edit them in.
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    Default Re: wardrobe

    So a little sample vial I've already rated is a cologne I "have" not a cologne "pending"?

    But how to differ a little 1/32 oz sample vial and a full 3.4 oz bottle in the wardrobe then?

    I own more then 400 sample vials. Shall I all list as "have"??

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    Default Re: wardrobe

    Do what you feel like doing and what your time and patience permit. There are no wardrobe options for indicating samples. Of course you can count your samples in your wardrobe if you think doing so is useful. I don't, so I don't have samples in my wardrobe.

    The wardrobe is for having fun. For some it is a great way to indicate bottles we're willing to trade away (swaplist). Have fun with it as you wish, I guess.
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    Default Re: wardrobe

    Sometimes I list a sample as one I have tried, but not always. The robe is too lengthly as it is, so I only list the samples in TRIED if I've seriously sampled it quite a few times.

    Every thing I list under HAVE is a bottle, at least 30 ml.

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    Default Re: wardrobe

    Thank you for your answers.

    I think listing sample vials, decants and original miniatures in TRIED is a good idea and makes sense. If I list them in HAVE, the result might be the impression I own 500+ bottles, which is not true.
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