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    Kenzo Jungle pH. I know that this post will have lots of dissenters (and maybe an angry mob [smiley=evil.gif] ) for Santal Noble is regarded higly in general. I find Jungle more refined and smooth (definitely not as harsh as SN) to such an extent that it puts SN to shame. Am I just a heretic or are there people out there who agrees with me?
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    Completely with you here. I think I´m the only one here that doesn´t even like Santal Noble. I find it too harsh and poor longevity on me. I´m actually yet to find a MPG I appreciate, haven´t tried Baime yet though.
    Kenzo Jungle on the other hand is great, smooth, spicy and a masculine mainstream oriental like they don´t make em anymore. I put it together wit OPIUM PH for some reason, same aura and strength, two kick ass scents.


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    I've never tried Kenzo Jungle, but being a big fan of Santal Noble, perhaps I'll have to find it somewhere and give it a try just to see. I understand the impression of harshness from Santal Noble, but this phase only comes in the first 15 minutes or so when everything seems to be fighting for dominance, working against instead of with one another. After that, one of the finest scents in my collection.

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    I stand by Kenzo Jungle against almost anything, even an MPG.

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    Can one of you gentlemen hook me up with a small sample to try? I can't find it anywhere!
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