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    Default .......the Lagerfeld Photo Quest (Chapter One)

    OK! Lately I have been on this Lagerfeld Photo quest.

    One night before sleep my mind raced back to 1992...
    Me in Jordan Marsh walking past the mens fragrance counter..I recall a hussy with big blond hair lots of make up and deep red lipstick she was wearing black shinny satin bowling league like jacket. On the back of the jacket in deep lime green writing was Lagerfeld PHOTO.

    She handed me a card of a new scent. I remember smelling it and saying WOW this is different very floral and stuck the card in my pocket. Later I stuck in my car which was my pride and joy a IrocZ(cheep air fresher when your a kid). I remember going out that night clubbing (was into that whole freestyle thing) later that night a girl got into my car and remarked how good it smelled.... I thought so too. Hmmm I said to myself it must be that scent card...

    I remember later in that week I purchase myself small bottle of Photo and wore it a lot to the clubs back then. I had a lot of memories with it. But as the 90's moved on I moved away from it for it was heavy and the style was moving toward fresher lighter scents.

    Well you know I went searching for Photo after that memory flash back. I did find a bottle at Marshall's took it home and sprayed it....ah..the scent. But wait after 10 mins it was gone! without a trace..MIA!!!! ugh! They.....being Unilever watered down the scent! This stuff uesed to last and have sillage heck its base note was Leather!!!! Needless to say 'they' cheeped up the bottle too. The cap on the original has rubber around it too which look like a photo lens focus and writing on the bottle was lime green. All this was gone too!

    Yeah I was bumming! Then on ebay I discovered a large bottle older stock. Heck I bought it hoping and praying that I would not need to use it as salad dressing!

    It arrived..
    It has to be very early 90's for it list the distributer as Bethco an old division of Arden before it all became International Perfumes under EA. It did not go bad!! It is beautiful just like how a remembered a real night and day from the crap I got a Marshall's. This one lasts all day with great sillage. It even has the rubber cap too!

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    Default Re: .......the Lagerfeld Photo Quest (Chapter One)

    An old friend of mine wore this one, circa....mid to late 80s? I don't remember his bottle looking like yours, though, I remember it being clear. Perhaps that was the "re-released" version.

    I still thought this was powerful stuff! Like you said, floral with leather and a certain amount of spice for good measure.

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    Default Re: .......the Lagerfeld Photo Quest (Chapter One)

    Paul don't forget the part about New Order on you Camero's Blaupunkt stereo and the Herbie Hancock blasting Rocket from your boom box when you went strutting in the aisles of the department stores.

    You looked great in those leg warmers too!

    Those were the days.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: .......the Lagerfeld Photo Quest (Chapter One)

    This is the one I picked up over a year ago and remarked on the memories it brought back from college around 1993/1994. As I sprayed it the day it arrived (I think in Jan. of '04), I walked outside and the temperture here in Vegas was comparable to late fall in Buffalo, and aside from the scent itself, I could have sworn I smelled Papa Pinzone's Pizza in the air. Papa Pinzone's was a little whole-in-the-wall pizza place everybody would go to either between stops to bars, or when the night was done (which could be 3am because bars are open until 4am there). It was one of those experiences that I hope happens again and again years from now with a lot of the scents I've purchased over the last few years.
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    Default Re: .......the Lagerfeld Photo Quest (Chapter One)

    I love these scent hunt stories, especially those with a happy ending!

    The close connection between scent and memory is indeed amazing.

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    Default Re: .......the Lagerfeld Photo Quest (Chapter One)

    At lunch time I saw 125ml testers of Photo (no cap) going for A$20 (US$15) in a local chemist shop.
    And a perfume shop had the 125ml bottle (box and cap) for A$39.
    It seems to be on the way out down here.

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