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    Default My New Purchases!

    Is there anything better, after a long, hard day at work, than coming home to find the box on your porch?

    I usually don't write about every scent I purchase, but it's been quite a while since I have bought anything, so here goes:

    1/3 oz decants of:

    Cachobard by Parfumes Gres (this is the one I am wearing now; man is it great. Reminds me of Tabac Blonde)

    Frederic Malle En Passant

    The Different Company Rose Poivree, and

    The Different Company Bois D'Iris

    Along with samples of L'Artisan Passage D'Enfer, Creed's BDP, and A Different Companys' Divine Bergamonte and Osmanthus

    Any opinions??

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    Default Re: My New Purchases!

    Dave, it does feel great to have a package waiting doesn't it? The rotten part comes the next morning when you realize there isn't a scent in the mail still making its way to you. Like Renato's tag line says, happiness is a scent in the mail.

    That Cabochard is a score. I think there's a bottle of that in my life's future. I might be wrong but I always think there's a heavy dose of vetiver in Cabochard, mixed with the tobacco and whatever else they've got going in that rich blend. Gad I love that stuff. Bring on the scents with no fear! That's one that just blasts "ain't skeered" at the world when you wear it.

    I've only smelled the Different Company's stuff at a department store and the smells just didn't stick with me. I wish I could comment on them, but I'm just plain in the dark olfactorily speaking.

    I look forward to your thoughts on Passage d'Enfer and Bois du Portugal. We yak about those so often on the forum that I'm sure it is a pleasure to finally be able to smell something and know what everyone is talking about. So time to take sides on these two thread generating scents. Which one is your daddy? Or are both?

    Until the next package arrives, stay strong.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: My New Purchases!

    Chris, go for the Cabochard. It was released in 1959 for women, but, like Tabac Blonde, seems to have wandered to the men's category. It reeks of "classic," and you are right--this one would never be released for mass market appeal today. Like the older Guerlains, it was meant for a different time--probably a more civilized and gentle on at that.

    What I DIDN'T way about the samples is that I have bought Passage "E" before a traded it away. I found it kinda weird and quirky, which I usually like, but not in a good way. However, that was over a year ago and I think my tastes have evolved somewhat. For instance, Julian, whose opinion I highly respect, named Bois Farine as his favorite scent of all time a few days ago. He sent me a sample of it a while ago and it's the only
    scent I actually threw away after one wearing!! Sorry, J!! So I am going to approach the L'A with a "new nose" and an open mind and hope its quikiness is a little more endearing to me now.

    As far as the Creed BDP...I have never smelled a Creed I liked, and I have smelled them all. To me, they all share a weird, "metallic, " "tinny" note that I can't get past. I respect peoples' opinion that love this house--it's just not me, that's all!

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