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    Default BIG Discount Purchases

    Has anyone had a problem when buying frags at a huge discount? I'm especially concerned about big ticket items like Creeds selling for 60% off of retail. Is there a reason they can be so heavily discounted? Is it old stock, maybe poorly stored, or something else wrong with it? Or is the price just low due to the normal buy-wholesale-sell-online strategy? Maybe the retail price includes a larger % markup than most lower ticket items, so the wholesale discount looks bigger? Basically, should I be concerned about paying $60 for a $180 bottle of cologne? Oddly enough, it does not strike me as strange to pay $20 for a bottle that retails for $50, even though its the same % discount.

    On a related but opposite note, I was looking online to buy my girlfriend a bottle of the new Micheal Kors Island as she mentioned she likes it. Since its brand new, there are no discounts yet so a 50mL is $60 no matter where you look (I should note here that I have never paid full retail price for any frag). You can imagine how upside down I felt to look at a website where a 50mL of Micheal Kors Island and a 120mL of Creed GIT are both $60!

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    My friend, this is called the 'leap of faith' - At first, I was skeptical like you but these are pure and genuine items ... I've purchased my Creeds from & and have had no problems (this is only an opinion, not endorsement for these online retailers) This only comes to show the potential markups and profit margins for certain vendors ....

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    Pick sites that have good feedback on them. There's usually a link on the front page of a reputable site, where you can see reviews of the company posted by other customers.

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    I'm concerned about this too. I want to order a bottle of SMW, but I'm afraid it's going to be a fake or highly concentrated or something.

    PerfumeBay appears to have it for around $60.

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