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    Default Morabito Madness - help!

    Let's settle this once and for all...

    I was once in St. Thomas having a sniff-fest when I came across an amazing scent of lavender and vanilla, similar to Caron's pour un Homme, but fuller, richer and more intoxicating. The bottle was a scent by Pascal Morabito and deeply intrigued me as did the other 2 bottles. The problem is, I smelled all three bottles and forgot which one was which!

    Perfumebay has the following:

    Morabito pour Homme in a clear bottle...
    Morabito Morabito in a blue bottle...and
    M de Morabito in a red bottle.

    I am hoping someone can help me...

    By the way - he has a pretty nice website and is quite an accomplished sculptor and artist:


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    Default Re: Morabito Madness - help!

    If this can help ...I know the red one is a spicy floral leather chypre scent.

    His best scent is Or Black which is impossible to find a herbal leather scent that is smoothly blended.

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