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    Default New Nicolai: Eau Exotique

    A new addition to Parfum de Nicolai's light Eau Fraiche range: Eau Exotique (others in this collection include Fig Tea and Vie de Chateau).

    Mango and patchouli. What about that for a mix? Actually, it's rather more than that, it's bitter orange, mango, iced tea on an earthy, mossy patchouli base. Have you ever tried one of those really good Japanese sakes, the ones that smell of green tea, exotic fruit and pear? Eau Exotique smells much like one of these.

    It is a transparent, simple fragrance saved from tasteful minimalism by that joyous big splash of mango at its heart. Like the others in the Eau Fraiche series it doesn't have the depth and fiendish complexity of classic Nicolai perfumes such as New York, but what has?

    Good for men and women. Light, summery, a fine beach scent and good value at around 35 euros.

    I'm also giving Nicolai's Vetyver another run. I had mixed feelings about this scent when it was released last year: Compared to marvels like New York, Pour Homme and Baladin it seemed thin, but it has really grown on me recently. It has a few tricks up its sleeve, too.

    Vetyver opens with a soft, fresh, almost mossy green note tinged with anise before plunging into a spicy, skin-tone heart of cumins, clove, tobacco and pepper. I keep getting whiffs of that 'powdered orange confit' accord that crops up in Cuiron and Baladin.

    The base is intriguing: A very warm effervescent lemon and damp hay note. Lasting power is good to very good. Highly recommended - and again, excellent value at 55 euros for 100ml.

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    Default Re: New Nicolai: Eau Exotique

    I tried Eau Exotique too recently. It's not your overaged Eau Fraiche. Patchouli has been used before in lighter fragrances like Pamplelune. But here mixed to mango it gives a strange more mysterious effect imho.
    For an eau fraiche it's different but not different enough in the great big world of fragrances.

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    Default Re: New Nicolai: Eau Exotique

    Thanks for the info - one of these days I'll finally get my bottles of Maharadjah and Baladin...I find the Nicolai scents to be wonderful potions, however, I just don't particularly enjoy wearing them. I went up and back on New York for years, and have tried quite a few of the others...Cologne Sologne and Haute Provence are the only two I currently, sometimes wear...


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    Default Re: New Nicolai: Eau Exotique

    I tried Eau Exotique this weekend.

    It is exactly as described above: light, fresh, fruity...I think read about it being described as smelling like a sparkling fruit cocktail. I agree. Actually, growing up here in South Florida, canned exotic juices are very popular. I remember drinking pear nectar out of a can a lot when I was a child and the middle notes of EE reminds me strongly of the smell of pear nectar (deep rich, creamy...) mixed with the metal tang of the can. Extremely low longevity (its part of the Eau Fraiche line, so it's supposed to be low) and ok sillage.

    Fans of any of the Fresh line of scents (Sake, Lemon Sugar, etc.) will love Eau Exotique.

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