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    Default Yardley English Lavender

    I have a feeling this thread is going to be ignored..
    Have anyone here tried Yardley's English Lavender EDT? I'm thinking of getting it for layering as I figured it would smell of pure lavender scent(like its other products) and since it's so cheap!(around US$12 for 125ml)

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    Hi Xen
    I won't ignor you! I first tried the oil which I have used to refresh potpourri, etc. The oil does smell of 'pure lavender' to me. Also it is quite sharp. So, encouraged by that I bought the edt and the bath cream/gel. However these both tend to be rather sweet smelling to my nose and, dare I say, a bit 'cheap'. Worn alone the edt does not last very well - about 3 -4 hours. The perfume, which I have also experimented with seems no longer lasting.

    For layering it may just be ok......certainly good value as you say.

    Hope this is helpful


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    Default Re: Yardley English Lavender

    Thanks for replying! Their best product is the talc which I enjoy very much. If you're a fan of yardley, I highly recommend their talc!
    Why do you say it smells cheap? Because it's too straight and doesn't evolve? Is the lavender note pure? I just want a pure lavender fragrance, a little musk won't do much harm, as long as the lavender note dominates.

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    Yeah, the talc is great, love it. Haven't tried the EdT, but I assume the 'purer' the lavendar the worse it will be. Lavender is too sharp to go on its own. The talc is phenomenal because the sharpness is muted by the, well, powder.
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    The Yardley website says simply that the edt contains lavender and musk. The oil in the bowl of lavender smells wonderful - very much like Monsieur de Givenchy edt. I thought the Yardley edt would smell like the oil but it is much sweeter. It is the sweetness that IMO makes it feel cheap.

    But I am not giving up - I shall buy some of the talc tomorrow!

    BTW the website is very well done with lots of nice ads from the past -


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    Default Re: Yardley English Lavender

    Where did you get the Yardley English Lavender, may I ask? I have never seen it at that price.
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    It's found in the toiletries section in large departmental stores in my country.
    If I remember correctly, the last time I visited the site, it was priced at 11 pounds.

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