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    Gomma: the unsung leather fragrance (Tabac Blond sans iris, ylang-ylang and carnation).
    Heliotrope: the unsung, non-imitable non-coffee gourmand.
    Royal Pavillion: the unsung white flowers fragrance with a pivotal tuberose motif.
    Palais Jamais: the unsung, green epic of smoky splendor.
    Ambra: the unsung amber that musky and *clean*.
    Vetiver: the unsung sleeper Mr. Vetiver roaming the wooden-roofed ancient souqs of Casablanca, after the shops have been closed for the day.
    Sandalo: the unsung Ottoman Pasha's hymn to the throne-saddled elephants in Mysore.

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    Etro Etra is my personal favourite Etro with its Janus-faced quality. [smiley=wink.gif]

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    Messe de Minuit is my favorite Etro, warm, dark, brooding...


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    Until I discovered Heliotrope, Messe de Minuit was my favorite.
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    Just finished trying a bunch of Etro samples: Vetiver, Lemon Sorbet, Palais Jamais, Sandalo, Patchouly, Gomma. These are nicely done, but are all so polite that I don't think I'll pursue any. For me they're a little too tasteful.

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    Love Messe de Minuit and Gomma. Like smelling Heliotrope now and then, but it's nothing I will buy. Gomma is my next purchase I think.

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    Etro Patchouli is arguably best in its class.
    Gomma and Vetiver are also excellent.

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    I didn't like Etro Vetiver at first sniff - actually I hated it, but now I quite like it.
    Have to try Heliotrope, Etra and Gomma. Sounds interesting ....

    I own sample vials of Ambra, Sandalo, Palais Jamais, Messe de Minuit, Vicolo Fiori and Benetroessere Raving.

    Raving smells like Serge Lutens to me, or maybe someone has mixed up the labels??

    Messe de Minuit I really tried to understand, but no chance for romance yet.

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    I love the Patchouly as well. The most wearable, yet not "domesticated" patchouli I know of. By this I mean that it's very smooth and polite, yet still true to the scent of the oil. They haven't thrown a bunch of baby powder or musk over the top of it - ack!

    Also love Sandalo, Mahogany, and Etra. Would like to have Musk, but not sure there is enough oomph in it to justify the bottle. It's nice as musk goes, though....cedary and fresh.

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    Sandalo is their best, IMHO.

    Sandalo is one of the BEST Sandalwoods out there. So warm, powdery, and mysterious. Puts scents like Tam Dao to shame.

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    It seems that Mahogany has been discontinued.
    All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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