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    Default Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINIONS)

    Looking for some help picking out a new scent for my collection. Summer is approaching and I'm aiming for something to use in a Minnesota Summer (not always scorching hot but consistently humid)

    Beware I can only afford about a fragrance every half a year so I'm VERY cautious and MUST be able to try it on my skin before I purchase so designer fragrances are preffered unless you are willing to send a decant with your suggestion.

    I have tried the following and looking for opinions of these or perhaps a new suggestion, my current scent list is at the bottom if you wish to look at that to help form an opinion.

    Issey Miyake -
    I like this one at times, sometimes i'd get a whiff I didnt enjoy, I always felt like I was wearing something of quality but I ended up that night with a terrible headache and I've read this happens with other people too. Catious on Issey.

    Issey Blue MIyake -
    I havnt got a chance to try this on my skin but it smelt a lot warmer and better then people made it out too seem (some said it smelt like dead fish in a harbor) I didnt really get that at all. I'd have to go try it again but I didnt feel it screamed "summer of a 21 year old&quot

    Allure Sport -
    I love what the orginal Allure was aiming at and I always felt something was either missing or too much added to orginal Allure that just made it seem akward. Allure sport seems to cure whatever it is that I disliked about the orginal, yet something remains on the drydown that I dont think goes well with my skin, maybe a bit to "thick" for a humid summer. Definately on the list of possiblities though.

    Marc Jacobs -
    Havnt got a chance to try it on my skin but something about this scent just screamed at me like it might be the one. I really am curious as too how it will drydown because that is in the end what is MOST important to me along with lasting power. I will be trying this out in the next couple days on ma skin.

    Kenneth Cole Reaction
    I liked it I must say, felt fruity yet warm and I felt like it fit my style very well. Looking for opinions on this , not the perfect summer scent but I have a decent selection of summery frags and this might be the nice inbetween summer, fall and winter.

    Emporio Amani
    Warm and diverse I couldnt stop smelling myself, I liked it but didnt love it yet I kept smelling myself. I like th drydown and really would like to have this but with summer approaching I just dont see myself getting a chance to wear it.

    Here is wha ti currently own:

    Pi - Givenchy
    Acqu Di Gio - Armani
    Crome - Azzaro
    Cool Water -Davidoff
    Moves - Adidas
    Nautica - Nautica
    Polo Sport (Very little left)
    Obession, Escape, Truth, CkOne (All Mini's and full)

    As you can see I have a few summer options between Crome (fav) to Cool Water (never really thought it was all that "summery" to Moves (kinda cheap) along with Escape and CkOne (too similar to Chrome to count).

    So maybe suggestions of something that is univerisal in line with what I have and what i like.

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    Default Re: Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINION

    You seem to like fresh and marine scents. These come to mind first when reading your post:

    Of the fresh ones:

    Bvlgari - Aqva
    Thierry Mugler - Mugler Cologne
    Lancome - Miracle Aquatonic
    YSL - Live Jazz

    And others not so fresh I think you might enjoy:

    Chanel - Pour Mosieur
    Azzarro - Visit
    YSL - Body Kouros
    Boucheron - Jaïpur
    Guerlain - L'Instant

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    Default Re: Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINION

    I guess it all depends on what you like. Issey Miyake is fresh fruity summery and might
    work. If you want I can give you suggestions for what I have used seasonally or what
    seems to be the buzz. Just a quick idea; how about 4711 or Guerlain Imperiale? Is it
    only the ones listed you are focusing in on?

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    Default Re: Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINION

    I always make the same suggestion to those on a limited buget looking for a great scent--Azzaro Visit. Inexpensive, versatile, and smells great.

    Helps if you like nutmeg, though.

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    Default Re: Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINION

    L'eau d'issey miyake summer.
    le male summer 2005 edition stimulating edition

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    Default Re: Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINION

    agree with Sokra: give l'instant a try - or perhaps Azzaro PH.



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    Default Re: Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINION

    Let me warn you about the Kenneth Cole Reaction:

    After about 2 hours, once the yummy fruity top wears off, it starts to smell like a cheap, drugstore, deodorant-quality scent.

    I was really angry, I truly felt like the whole thing was a bait 'n switch. I was SO close to just buying it from how delicious it smelled off the card, but I still had some shopping to do so I just spritzed myself. So I did what I needed to, and then while I was sitting down at Marshall Fields eating lunch, I noticed something really foul, and I was like.....what IS that? I smelled my wrist, and it was the Reaction. It turns EXTREMELY powdery with cheesy, old man, run of the mill typical "cheap" fragrance notes.

    Overall, if you can get away with showering after like an hour and a half of wearing it, it may be for you.

    If you really like a fruity scent in that same genre, I had better luck with DKNY's Be Delicious. It's still not great, and it does still turn powdery on me but I don't get the cheap smelling foulness, and it lasts a bit longer. The two smell VERY similar upon spritzing, the only difference is that the Reaction has a bit more apple while the DKNY has a bit more melon and grapefruit. I have had surprisingly good results with Be Delicious at night, and as of right now it's been relegated to the back of the pile as a "night only" fragrance, even though it's so light and fruity. My body chemistry for some reason works much better with this when it's dark out, and I don't smell powdery at all.

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    Default Re: Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINION

    Not to be rude, but your collection seems to be highly redundant with the fresh-clean stuff. Lay off the aquatics. With a small collection, it's better to diversify across genres than to own both Acqua di Giò pour Homme and L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme (along with similar fresh stuff like Chrome and Cool Water and Moves and Polo Sport and Nautica and the Calvin Kleins). And no offense to Sokra, but I would advise staying away from Bulgari Aqua when you have a small collection that already includes Acqua di Giò pour Homme.

    Of what you listed, I'd only recommend Marc Jacobs Men (not my favorite fig scent, but it's a fig scent, not an aquatic) or Emporio Armani, whose violet leaf note I'm a sucker for. There are other avenues you can explore, though. (As money is a factor, I'm not even approaching artisanal fragrances.) If you're adventurous, you can try one of my two summer Hermès scents, Eau des Merveilles or Eau d'Hermès. The former (technically a women's scent but totally unisex) is an upside-down composition with dry wood notes on top and citrus and musk on the bottom, all surrounding a salty ambergris note that recalls the sea air. It's much more organic than any other marine scent on the market, though, a really unique, brilliant fragrance that would be totally unlike your current aquatics. (It gets tons of compliments, too.) Eau d'Hermès is a spicy-leathery scent with a vanilla base, but it's surprisingly light because it's all diluted in citrus, making a true skin scent that is never obtrusive. Another option is a green scent, most notably a vetiver-based fragrance. Looking at your collection, Yves Saint Laurent's Pour Homme would probably seem too stodgy, but Guerlain's Vetiver may work for you. But I would place my bet on Ermenegildo Zegna's Essenza di Zegna, a vetiver-and-citrus scent with light wood that is a more modern, lighter interpretation for men not accustomed to carrying the heavier green scents from decades past. Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent is a really refreshing concoction, like a tropical drink with the coriander, grapefruit, mint, and rhubarb top notes. It's like nothing out there, very unique and original. And Thierry Mugler's Cologne can also be a good way to go if it works for you, as it has green notes, citrus, and florals - all the components of traditional eaux de cologne - but it has the sex appeal (and longevity) amped up with musks.

    Since you can't afford to buy many fragrances, all of these scents are available in the lower-priced online retailers and eBay, including the Hermès scents that go for a pretty penny.

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    Default Re: Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINION

    Hi Dawkins. I'm a fellow Minnesotan too. I'd urge you to try YSL Live Jazz, which is my favorite summer scent. The citrus and mint notes are utterly refreshing on the most humid of days.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINION

    First, welcome.

    I would suggest that you should probably actually get a a cooler weather scent rather than a warmer weather scent if you can only get a couple scents a year. You already have a lot of fresh/aquatic type of fragrances, relatively speaking, in your collection.

    The Marc Jacobs is pretty good, but I have had issues with its duration. I like the coconut note in it. Also take a look at Davidoff - Good Life and Dior - Dune for some other fig scents.

    I will second and third everyone's suggestion of Live Jazz. Still, it may be somewhat redundant in your collection. You might want to consider Jazz as well.

    Perhaps Bulgari Pour Homme. It lingers close to the skin, and I wouldn't call it refreshing. Rather dry. Tea, woods & Musk; subtle & refined. Works well regardless of the season.

    L'Instant might work well with the spices and I think it will be subtle enough for the summer.

    I hesitate to recommend it because it is a fresh scent, but Pasha may be a viable scent for you as well - a mix of mint and spices.

    Lacoste Booster isn't exactly a fresh scent, but it is like a "dirty mint" in my books. Surprisingly long duration as well.

    For something you wouldn't expect, may I suggest Habit Rouge EDC. It has a stronger citric note than the EDT and there are others on here who wear it during the summer. I think I prefer it to the EDT. You might be able to find it at TJ Maxx, of all places.
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    Default Re: Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINION

    I have a few suggestions depending on what direction you want to go in.

    For something very clean and fresh, but distinct from Chrome or CKone:
    Mugler Cologne

    --I like both of these in warm weather. Gendarme is a little softer, while Cologne is a little sharper, but I find them both very refreshing.

    Also clean and fresh, but more woody/spicy than citrusy:
    Sung Homme

    --Sung Homme is very versatile and long lasting, and it's inexpensive and readily available. Just don't judge it right away, since I find the top notes are not the most pleasant and it take at least 15 minutes to settle down--but after that it gets really nice.

    A nice combination of fresh and spicy with a refreshing green tea note:

    --This is one of my current favorites. It lasts well, is very versatile and just makes me feel really good. You would probably have to order it blind, but if you like Cartier Declaration or L'Occitane Green Tea (both of which I really like and are the two closest fragrances to Yang that I have tried) you will love Yang.

    A couple of less obvious summer scents, but worth considering:
    Azzaro Visit
    Burberry Brit

    --Visit is my favorite scent. It's not clean and fresh, very woody with a lot of nutmeg and some pepper and incense, but it's never cloying and I enjoy wearing it in any weather.

    --Some people seem to find Brit too sweet and cloying, especially in hot weather, but I don't and I'm generally sensitive to too much sweetness. To me it's a wonderful combination of rose, wood and spices, with just just a touch of oriental sweetness.

    Just because it happened to you doesn't make it interesting.

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    Default Re: Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINION

    I would second Serpent's Guerlain Vetiver. A dry woody scent that has a bit of spice (nutmeg) and can be worn in summer and winter.
    Try some eBay decants if you are on a limited budget...great way to get a good idea of the scent first.


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    Default Re: Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINION

    I like the Marc Jacobs aftershave but not so much the eau de toilette. The aftershave has a definite coconut note that I don't detect in the EDT. The aftershave smelled much more summer appropriate to me.

    I'll fourth (or fifth or whatever) the Live Jazz, I'm gonna pick one of these up pretty soon too.

    The Essenza di Zegna is nice too but is too much like what's already on your list.

    The Mugler Cologne is great.

    If you like vetiver, Guerlain's is the most readily available and a pretty good one - I personally think it's putrid, but then again I think vetiver in general is for old men. And I am NOT an old man!

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    Default Re: Adding scent to small collection (NEED OPINION

    your list seems very fresh to me. *i would want something woody oriental to add. *out of the ones you listed i think Marc Jacobs and Allure Sport are the stand outs. i'm surprised you havent said the MJ isn't 'thick' -- to me its wonderfully clear and fresh in the begining then the musc and florals come through making it kind of 'hazy' and powdery. *

    i think you might like Givenchy Pour Homme. *i thinks its a nice modern woody scent. *its heavy on the cedar, and might have the 'hamster cage effect' at first but you need to let the top grapefruit and middle notes to even it out, usually about 10-15 min. *its not a loud scent at all, but it's definitely there. *its very much a skin scent and fresh for a woody scent. *The alternative to it would be Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label; think of it as the same thing but with a bit more freshness and added slight aquatic bonus.

    212 is another scent that comes to mind. *its metallic, floral, fresh, musky and warm all at the same time to me.

    Live Jazz is a wonderful, wonderful scent don't get me wrong; but i think it has a little 'datedness' or 'classicness' to it. *

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