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    No, this is not off-topic.
    Anyone else spotted this tidbit of news courtesy of Hello mag:

    3 JUNE 2005

    While Madonna's fans have been imitating her many iconic looks for decades, now followers of the Material Girl can wear her scent.

    According to British newspaper The Sun, she's planning on launching an eponymous fragrance this Christmas in a deal reportedly worth £5 million.

    The perfume's debut will apparently coincide with the release of the chameleonic singer's upcoming album. But for those who can't wait to buy a piece of the pop superstar, Lotsa De Casha, the fifth book in Madonna's line of children's stories, hits bookstores on June 7.

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    for some reason i think this fragrance might have the potential to delight even the fragrance freeks like us.

    i can imagine something CDG2 like and very odd but in a good way; mainly because of the recent west asian religion she's seemed to emerse herself in. *it would be a sweet oriental heavier on amber with a weird twist from some unexpected not like smoke, rubber, plastic. *bottle would probably be something plain and utilatarian looking or maybe smething ornate and almost gawdy.

    . . . or maybe something classic in the vein of chanel no. 5 that kind of goes back to the days when she did evita and was doing the whole 1930's glam look. *powdery and flowery with a slight old fashion twist but still it has a touch of modernity that sets it apart. *i can totally see it in a special edition lalique like bottle
    . . . and for some reason i imagine her marketing the fragrance's own composition for its own merit rather than pushing it as 'madonna's scent' ya know? * like i don't think its going to be her celebrity status that is the only thing going for it.

    . . . and i think she'll definitely limit distribution to certain kinds of stores to prevent overexposure. *i really don't see it as another paris hilton, donald trump, celine dion, j.lo type release. *

    madonna is a classy, sophisticated lady and i only hope her fragrance can reflect that.

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    Two scents most closely identified with Madonna are Fracas and Tubéreuse Indiana, as well as Aftelier's Pink Lotus. I'd say expect a big white floral, heavy on the tuberose. I'd also say expect the most expensive celebrity scent out there; after all, Madonna has to make it known she outranks J.Ho and Sarah Jessica Parker.

    If it's not a white floral, then it's almost certainly going to have some sort of Kabbalah thing tied to it. If so, then expect crap. Everything Madonna does these days has that Kabbalah stuff tied to it, and it's getting to be really tiresome. I'm hoping the new album and the new fragrance are good. I'm a huge Madonna fan (I was there the second night of the Re-Invention tour), but her last two albums (Music and American Life) were really disappointing, and she's gotten to be so preachy and dull. Allegedly no one will touch her new tour doucmentary, Re-Invented Process, because she had all the juicy stuff like her fighting with Guy Ritchie cut out, and it's essentially all about how the Kabbalah is wonderful and changed her life. I just wish someone would slap her upside the head and say, "Shut up with the Kabbalah and take your top off, already."

    Oh, man, I seriously hope we don't get Eau de Kabbalah. She's already drinks Kabbalah water and writes Kabbalah children's books...

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    She was working on a scent once in the early 90's with the working name of Holy Water...the deal fell through. I don't think anyone wanted to touch the deal after S.O'Connor ripped up the picture of the Pope on SNL....religion became very touch subject...we all know what happened with the Pepsi commercial with Ms. Material Girl in the late 80's.... [smiley=embarassed.gif]

    The way I feel now is these music celebrity scent are getting passe with me. Material Girl is just jumping the bad wagon to follow on britney and jlo. MG also forgets that most of her followers are older now...I don't think they would buy into it now...maybe when they were 15....

    face it the most buyers of curious and glow are teens.... [smiley=rolleyes.gif] I liked Madonna in the 80's but I out grew her how many times can one play Borderline...

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    Give Madonna a little more credit: She is the leading arbiter of style in the fashion world. Olivier Theyskens probably wouldn't be heading the house of Rochas had Madonna not been his champion in the Ray of Light days, bringing this then-unknown Belgian designer to the forefront. Dolce & Gabbana and Jean-Paul Gaultier got their first large-scale international exposure when they designed for her tours (The Girlie Show and Blonde Ambition, respectively), and Madonna graces the windows of the Versace boutiques right this very day. Stella McCartney has the high desirability she does less because she's Paul McCartney's daughter and more because she's Madonna best friend, and one of the first big celebrities to wear the new Gucci as designed by Tom Ford was, of course, Madonna.

    Sure, the timing isn't the best. After all, even Shania Twain and Antonio Banderas have fragrances. But the target for Madonna's fragrance is different than others. It's not music fans as much as fashionistas, and Madonna is huge among the fashionistas. If Madonna decides that, say, Lanvin is where its at, then believe it: There will be a run on Lanvin. Even people who dislike her politics, music, or persona will look at Madonna and want to know what she's wearing. There will be immense curiosity in this fragrance by a lot of people. I'm wagering the Madonna scent will be aimed at a higher eschelon than Glow or even Lovely, the new Sarah Jessica Parker scent. It will be marketed like a high fashion fragrance and likely sold in stores that would never carry a celebrity scent. Whereas Glow and Curious and Paris Hilton are stalwarts of Macy's and May Co. stores, Madonna's scent has the chance of being sold in Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and such, something akin to a celebrity artisanal scent. I think this fragrance will, unless it's complete and utter rubbish, do quite well.

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