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    Default Top notes : irrelevant?

    Are top notes particularly relevant for the serious sniffer?

    I am thinking that many fragrances have nice top notes, but simultaneously, many disappoint as you wear them. Either they have no other notes or are just kind of "there."

    In terms of sales pitches, there is the maxim: "Sell the sizzle, not the steak." I am thinking that the top notes are like the sizzle.

    How often do people purchase scents after spraying the scent on them or on a card after not even five minutes?
    Probably most, I would guess!
    Will these people be disappointed when the scent doesn't live up to their expectations when they wear it out for the first time?
    Quite possibly. I think it is a rather different experience to wear the scent and live with it through the top-middle-base notes than just the five minute sizzle of the top notes.
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    Default Re: Top notes : irrelevant?

    You raise many good points, K. *I say it depends on the individual fragrance, and also on the degree to which a scent either evolves or remains linear. *In some frags, like citrus frags, some top notes do stay through drydown, just because of the much greater quantity of those particular oils, I gather. *It could be a 50-50 love-hate thing for someone who buys a bottle from a department store after testing it and liking the top notes.

    For the serious sniffer, yes, top notes are relevant. I (usually) enjoy them in their full glory at the start; it also gives me a clear idea of how, when they recede and linger, they help lead into and support the total symphony of scent.

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    Default Re: Top notes : irrelevant?

    To me, the entire evolution of a scent is very important. The topnotes are the beginning of the story and introduces the main body of the narrative. That's why it is good not to rush things when purchasing a scent, you gotta like the whole story, not just the creative introduction.

    By the way, K, while scent shopping yesterday, i came across a bottle of one of your favourites, Worth PH, except this was in "Haute Concentration" and it had a more interesting topnote. Tell me if you want me to snag it for you. Looks pretty rare, since it's not even listed on basenotes' directory. [smiley=wink.gif]

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    Default Re: Top notes : irrelevant?

    It's evolution is supposed to suit your lifestyle. Topnotes of bergamot never fail to perk me up in the morning!

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